1. soo I eddied it add for the best of me .

  2. f course as expected the game has a lot of questions yo be answered So why is Cortana the enemy in this game and obviously she is trying to bring the galaxy back to a state of peace witch was already established by the forerunners before we as humans...

  3. I am having the same issue I bought it the other day and still nothing I have tried re downloading the game a few times and still no fix can't play the game what so every just get stuck on the loading screen I'll try another hard reset when I get...

  4. just true todo that I have deleted save data and downloaded odst 3 times now and I still can mot play the game I have even called Microsoft Xbox live hotline and they tell me to get ahold of bunggie

  5. PS I was also supposed to get halo 5 multiplayer. Early access. For getting the master chief bundle. And that is not available in the extras tab.

  6. ya I can play halo 1,2,3,4 everything but odst is working fine.

  7. can not load the game at all I can not play the game the download goes fine but I can not load a level. And start the campain