1. Halo 3 servers

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    Its a shame I grew up on this game.

  2. So I recently finished the campaign on Legendary, and looking through the achievements alot of them are online only, and on that note, is anyone playing Halo 3 or have they moved on to the MCC. Because all my friends said they cant get into an playlists.

  3. I was dissapointed how broken Halo CE is on pc, understand its old but man, its really bad.

  4. I think Master Chief should have died at the end of Halo 3. but passed that, yeah I hope they would handle the death of such a iconic character with some weight rather than be brushed off in some cutscene.

  5. By this question I mean either the Halo 3 method of preforming certain tasks and achievements in order to get certain armor pieces, or the Halo Reach method of earning credits to get certain armor pieces. For me personally, I like how Halo 3 handled...

  6. Favorite Armor

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    The Halo 3 hayabusa armor, i'm surprised its not in more Halo games?

  7. The general gameplay, story, visuals. Its all great!