1. hey, this isnt completly stupid

  2. High Level Issues

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    Agree with what you said except with the kodiaks. Feel like they need a speed and a range buff aswell. And I still think reavers need a slight energy price reduction, a speed buff and an increased range for their jump ability.

  3. This is a known issue and is expected to be patched next Wednesday April 19th, as confirmed by GrimBrother One in this week's Halo Community Update. Source: That's still a thing that...

  4. Anyone else got 20 Blitz packs?

  5. [deleted]

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    really? i felt it was quite useless as it does so little damage to most everything Not if you have 5 of them. The fact that they're extremely cheap is so annoying.

  6. Selecting your commander before the game is buggy. Sometimes it just throws me in as cutter and I don't have the option to switch. (This is also HIGHLY annoying when I've spent the last 15 minutes making a deck for Atriox). Did you used 'Find...

  7. So far the beta has been great, except for a few bugs. I disconnected once so far. While playing the units were 'strechted' and was blocking the screen (sorry don't know how to say that). Selecting the cards is annoying I keep pulling...

  8. Can you please bring back the old Breakout? The new one is just not as fun as the old one. Shotty at start is just a horrible idea, radar doesn't make it as intense and I prefer having no shields. Though I don't mind the extended mags, nades and...

  9. Can the Hydra lock on Spartans using Active Camo?