1. Makes me wonder what Achilles' fate will be. I hope they dont make changes to the Achilles, our Spartan Company have worked hard to get the Armour and now we are working toward the Helmet. we have not farmed at all and we all are proud of our...

  2. I'm seriously not judging something until I actually PLAY it.... it may actually be something worth playing over and over

  3. I'm wearing thin on the halo community... it seems more and more useless and worthless peons bog the gameplay and troll players by constantly quitting or team killing. It gets old, and Halo 5 is EXTREMELY team oriented. When I play solo, nobody talks.

  4. I've been getting banned after "connection lost to server" occurs after the game ends... what gives?!?!?

  5. Marines...

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By VOJAK On

    They're really not hard to kill... yes, if you're not paying attention you'll get blasted, but that counters how easy they are to eliminate

  6. Stabilization jets = meh

  7. It's Terrible, literally your head Is as big as your body you have no brain it you wear it! Sorry if your wearing it but it's true. I have to agree... looks like one's wearing a fishbowl with holes

  8. Very excited to see this come to fruition!