1. Hw2 is a great game I played AoE2 and when i saw Halo wars for first time I tought wow this with a controller its gonna be difficult... But you gotta admit that the controls and gamepley is very worked. Rb and Lb are your best friends on this game...

  2. Well Im from Mexico There is only 1 city with the game and I hope the arcade would survive.

  3. What do you think about using the ONI, Hannibal, Ghost and Temple variations in the campaign or multiplayer

  4. Well done 343

    Halo Infinite - Posted By Veterarmo On

    What is the meaning of "True OG Fan"?

  5. Playable Elites and Brutes And remove the 10 sec countdown, at least in the campaing!

  6. I Do not think that 343i remove all mechanics of Halo 5, but im happy if they keep Sprint, thruster and climbing, and if think about it those mechanics will be useful for exploring (well without the 10 sec countdown)

  7. Heroic I need to enjoy the history without die hahaha