1. Xbox fov related: Whilst 343 work on this, i just loaded up requiem on both flight & current mcc. Flight seems to be around 79 fov & current mcc around 90 I giess. Curious as to why flight has lower fov than current mcc build?

  2. (xbox) When using Mantis in campaign, when firing rockets the sound of the rocket firing disappears. Love the new fov slider :-) Customization seems laggy

  3. Thanks for fixing the stats 👍🏻 Still can't get All According to plan achievement to unlock :-/

  4. I'd just like to point out that there's a perception here that this is an easy fix or just as simple as doing a thing but it's genuinely not an easy thing. We're working hard with partner teams to be sure we get the right info we need to...

  5. The multiplayer win stats aren’t the only thing needing fixed, the “All According to Plan” achievement is as well bugged and unobtainable! IWell that explains why it's never unlocked for me too, iv'e spent hours & hours on...

  6. It will no doubt end up with Halo 4 flight and release done for pc before this get's fixed :-/ At least for now the medals seem to be tracking towards achievements

  7. Perhaps masterchief got corona & the stats gone into lockdown for a few months. Hope we don't lose all the wins from past games that haven't been tracked.

  8. This sucks, just spent last 2 weeks trying to get the multiplayer wins only to see it's been stuck on 161 games one since got knows when :-( Just sent a ticket, hope it get's fixed and all the games iv'e played tracked