1. I've noticed both teammates and enemy players just spining around in place in some matches, apparently people are grinding exp that way, so I go into a game and tried it out for testing purposes and out of curiosity, at the end of the match, only...

  2. While yes, Spartan ops mostly reused campaign and multiplayer assets, it was fun to play through with friends and gave some background lore, and since Infinite is having an open world type of look to it, it could open up many possibilities, plus who...

  3. Does anyone wanna do a 4 player co-op on halo 3? Gt:ClumsyGamer6345 mod edit: moved to Recruiting

  4. Remember in the beta when your team would win a match and sometimes your character would high five another players spartan? And then it was removed in the final game? Spartan 4s are the most human out of the spartan generation so seeing them high fiving...

  5. Halo 3 keeps putting me on the teams full of noobs while the other team most of the time has high leveled and skilled players

  6. Apparently I need 50 Exp to unlock it, i have 54 exp on lone wolves and on social slayer but nothing unlocked. Can anyone help please? I really want the mark v helmet.

  7. Have you definitely met the requirements? You need 50xp in a playlist. I have 50xp on lone wolves but nothing unlocked

  8. This should help. Yes, I know, that Halo Nation is not always reliable, but I prefer it over any other. I know i need the unsc spartan achievement but it won't unlock

  9. I have all the spartan and elite armor in halo 3 except the mark v helmet. I cant unlock the unsc spartan achievement even when i was sergeant. I even tried doing the vidmaster lightswitch but that didnt unlock the helmet. Can anyone help?

  10. Look at all these unhelpful comments