1. Do you not think that having a req level drip will make it easier for people to get to higher reqs more quickly making blowout matches more common?

  2. We have enough hogs allready, there's no need for new one I completely agree! We should get the falcon instead of new hogs.

  3. Spartan Ops

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By W0LF W4RR10R 15 On

    In my opinion Spartan Ops in Halo 4 was like campaign with less cinematics and more enemies to kill but after a while it got very repetitive and boring but I think that if it were to be added to Halo 5 then it would attract more people to the game and...

  4. Having these changes to the REQ system with the levels at which you can call them in really changes the gameplay that you get and makes it much more fun because you can call out new weapons quicker and more easily! Also the fact that you are able to get...

  5. I am yet to play this game type but to be honest I think that if you do not like it then do not play it, it is only there for a short while so I don't see the problem the map was well designed and the games don't look too bad. I probably will not...

  6. I think that sometimes teabagging everyone is a bit over the top but if you only do it to a few people then I don't see the harm as long as it is not to your own team then it is fine and no one should have a problem with it!

  7. I just can't believe that they are bringing in griffball! I have been waiting for this for so long and also they are bringing in fiesta which was my favourite game type on Halo 4 after griffball of course!