1. Can't connect to mp now. No update showing up.

  2. Everything seems to work great so far. Great job 343. Also games look amazing in 4k!

  3. Just installed it tonight also.

  4. Can't find a game in any playlist. Any recommendations?

  5. Are you only able to play during designated times?

  6. [[NOTE]] ALL campaign missions are played on Normal Difficulty, and Remastered Visuals and Music. No Skulls and No Scoring or Time HUD. I just launched MCC Insider 1.466.1.0 for the first time and it deleted all of Halo: CE, ODST, and Halo 4. After...

  7. Signed up a long time ago and still not invited. Stinks!

  8. Halo 5: Forge PC Friends

    Recruiting - Posted By WES302 OK On

    add me wes302 ok

  9. add wes302 ok