1. Master chief is tough but doom slayer from our year? No contest, he'd tear both of them apart lol

  2. maybe a class system with balancing woud be good, like rocket troopers who carry Rocket launchers but are not set up for close quarters, or a rifeman class that can take down infantry but need the Rocket class to be nearby in order to take out vehicles...

  3. Why does Master Chief have to be tracked down in Halo 5? For a man that has saved multiple planets they really do not want him to do his thing haha. It just seems weird to go and send a group of spartans to find a single spartan.

  4. A casual view to a competitive game doesn't seem that easy to handle Maybe not big enough to be esports, but maybe an amatuer league.

  5. They should add a badge called Broken Record - This is given when you die three times in a row. too many award medals, we need some ones for when peope are bad lol.