1. Hi, I wanted to know if what happens to me happens to you too. I play with my friends on slayer and I win games against onyx and champion people, I am onyx but I don't go on, could someone please explain to me? (I'm using google translator)

  2. Hi, I wanted to know if you, like me, in these weeks have been struggling to play, shots that don't come in, lag. I play from Europe. This thing is very frustrating :(

  3. I really like =)

  4. Yes I also think it is very important absolutely, I come from Italy =)

  5. Infinite Halo Theme of course, what would you like to see about this new game? what would you like to have implemented? what goodies would you like to be added? (Post to exchange ideas in peace without altering !!!) I start: Dedicated servers. A...

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  7. customization

    Halo Infinite - Posted By WildingGalaxy On

    Ciao, su Halo Reach abbiamo avuto la migliore personalizzazione in tutta la saga di Halo, quindi spero che su Halo Infinite avremo una personalizzazione ancora migliore di quella di Reach. Spero anche nella possibilità di scegliere se essere uno spartano...