1. Halo 6 PC ?

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  2. I still have some hope ...

  3. Hit max level! I'm 97. Well you better be playing every day then! The gap between the 147+ levels are a few million exp each T_T The only problem is studying.I will play like a huge -Yoink- during the weekend :')

  4. Hit max level! I'm 97.

  5. I think yes.

  6. Is Rookie dies? And why?

  7. The forge in Halo 5 is better than Halo Reach but I really want 343i put the forge world from Halo Reach.

  8. I love to play Halo 5 but sometimes I can't play with my Req pack,I don't have my levels and all my armors.I really don't know what is this glitch.

  9. 343i have not ruined Halo,I'm a fan of Halo since his first apparition on the Original Xbox and Bungie miss me so much but we need to continue our way.343i do a great job,the graphics are beautiful,the war zone and his unique weapons are so cool and...