1. The Arclight rail gun is a real heavy hitter. If you want to constantly annoy a Banshee pilot use the Echidna hydra launcher(those EMP rockets are really irritating).

  2. Hmm...dual wielding SMGs with a damage boost on...yeah great idea, you'll be able to take out tanks in a matter of seconds lol.

  3. For those who want a slim Spartan, use Mako armor. For those who want bulky Spartans, use the Security armor. I think a good middle ground armor to use is the Raijin, if I'm not mistaken.

  4. For Promethean Knight bosses, the plasma caster is surprisingly effective against them. Simply charge up the caster and stick the Knight with 4-6 plasma bolts and he'll die. On the map Escape from ARC, I always take out the legendary Knight that...