1. wondering why I still am waiting for the key so I can play

  2. just curious when we find out if we where chosen , i have been testing halo since the first days, and i cant hardly wait to test again.

  3. very much looking forward to the flight i have been testing halo since the first beginning days . i so look foward to this flight.

  4. carried the whole team

  5. how about a medal for all of us who have been around since the first days of the original halo

  6. i saw the CES announcement last year of Halo infinite and i was just jumping out of my seat to play this i can hardly wait. so exciting

  7. i cant wait for the beta release so we can start testing it , ive been beta testing for microsoft since the original xbox , and been beta tester for windows since the days of windows 3.11 i am currently an insider tester .