1. I think thats a bug. Because I had the same problem last week.The inexplicable increase in vehicle spawn time.and in vehicle selection UI show Vehicles is limit.Maybe it's about this.

  2. Some player provide EMP when the boss driving vehicle. but they can't get award when boss die. Should they receive these awards?

  3. Does anyone know what the power up respawn times are on? Is it three minutes now? in most map all item will spawn at gamestart and 9:00 6:00 3:00

  4. Is it an energy shield? Its color like energy shield and It can recover. Does a plasma weapon do more damage to it? I try to use plasma pistol's emp shot it.but I always useful?

  5. I know that more players like higher difficulty,like Mythc. But sometimes I want to play some easy easy.when my REQ weapon is not enough. But the lowest difficulty of the list is hero.

  6. emm I don't think it is so difficult. Because more than 50% of player can passed it. but the second Skull It’s too big effect for the whole game. Change it to half ammo is batter.

  7. Because you need at least one way to melee in sprint. And it can't weaker than melee...