1. A return to form! Having played every Halo game (including the PC ports) I a eagerly await its release! Same here! Hopefully it comes out soon!

  2. So vague till the end, I'm so hyped!

  3. I really cant wait for this presentation I hope we get to see the flood back!

  4. So if the games are sold separately wouldn't there be like a version where you can already buy all and just wait for each game to come out?

  5. I'd say halo 3 for sure is the worst idk i just don't seem to connect my shots with it.

  6. Where are you from?

    Halo Universe - Posted By Yairozick On

    From good'ol Texas!

  7. Halo Insider Assets

    Halo Insider - Posted By Yairozick On

    Very cool thanks!

  8. Well this answers most of my questions thanks!

  9. Now this I'm very excited about!