1. Are you going to add custom campaign playlists?

  2. Please put a custom campaign playlist, it will be really great to have the hability to cretae, play and share these, I would love to be able to play my favourite campaign missions back to back

  3. I am on Xbox thanks for the help, I really didn't want to endure the installing times again, hope it helps

  4. So I just recently bought halo wars 2 and I was waiting to see the action/reaction cutscene, but three minutes in the screen goes black, is this happening to everyone or just me? How can I solve it? I really wanted to see all the cutscenes directly form...

  5. Extermination+1

  6. Does quitting social matches where half my team is afk and the other quit affects this? If it does then it shouldnt be a social playlist Was just playing warzone firefight for a while, got tired and decided to do my 10 qualifying matches for team arena...

  7. Thanks for the help, hope they fix this bug soon

  8. Nop, it is in campaign

  9. Hello, well I was playing halo 4 and when I pause the game the sound suddendly dissapears, is there a way to repair that without saving and exiting to menu? Thanks

  10. After playing halo CE in legendary I decided to obtain the par time and par score of all the halo games but while I played CE I didn´t unlck any achievements by completing the par times, so I decided to obtain some skulls and still nothing, tried to...