1. Looking forward to this -bump-

  2. That's Halo though- a BR is a ranged weapon... the obvious answer is to train on Legendary against Warden Eternal, then specialise in sniping, getting loads of BR kills, unlocking sniper rifle REQs and dominating the enemy team

  3. I agree that the marines are wreckers, but I don't feel a nerf is necessary. Simply lowering their HP by 5-10% would most likely reduce their efficiency greatly, especially since there are times when the marines are a players only backup in defending...

  4. Nice, good read -bump-

  5. That's pretty legit- not for me, but I probably would if I had the cash. Glad someone is keeping track of the unlocks tbh

  6. Yeah, there's definitely *something* wrong- I just can't quite put my finger on what it actually is though