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    Halo Wars 2 - Posted By austen1000 On

    I'd say yes to the idea. I normally keep silent on these things, but given the smaller community, especially on the PC side of things, I figured I give my vote this time around. Though I do hope it can be played solo and offline as a part of...

  2. Does anyone know whether the Steam version of the game has this problem? The Steam version is free of this problem. So, go ahead and get it from there.

  3. Did you lock your base by accident?

  4. I thought they stopped doing the codes with the full release? Have you checked your Xbox messages?

  5. I am echoing the issue in the linked thread, because I have yet to see any acknowledgement from the...

  6. Offline mode on Windows 10 is still not fixed... I just hope it is fixed before the update cycle for this game is over with.

  7. I've been having this issue since the December 20th Early Access launch. I've reported it both on Reddit and Microsoft support numerous times, but, I guess the message never got to the devs, as the recent update did not fix it. I'm not happy...

  8. Will you guys be fixing the Windows 10 offline mode issue, where the game forgets its in offline mode, thus requiring reconnecting to the internet?