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    > ...asked me what my intentions are for reaching out to Waypoint. To give you all a warning for what is to come. To explain the unanswered questions that have come forth in the current conflict. And to take its place here on Waypoint while it records...

  2. I have this issue too, waiting for a fix from 343i. Also, i saw that Halo Wars Definitive Edition update, but since that, my game doesn't open now. I hope that i don't have to download it again.

  3. Waiting for the update, i'm glad to hear that 343i will improve the game when Halo Wars 2 is almost here.

  4. I have the same problem. I'm on the Windows10 Insider Program, the last build literally broke Xbox LIVE login, then i can't play Halo, Forza APEX nor Minecraft Win10 Edition. Now with this new build, i can login again, but Halo 5 Forge crashes on...