1. Played first mission last night on Heroic. Popped achievement. The completed campaign is no showing up on the service record. Am I the only one with the problem?

  2. What is it and what do you do to trigger it?

  3. I downloaded ODST also. Says it is installed. Shows up on campaigns. I select it and the load screen comes up with the drop pods and carrier in the back ground with the loading bar at the bottom, but it never loads. Tried multiple times. After about...

  4. Played the beta some. I have problem seeing anybody when I have the sword. The sword is so bright it blinds me. One of my buddies made the same comment. Don't understand why the sword shape changed. .Is this how they are all going to look, or is...

  5. One game wouldn't load. Played one game. Like the darker colors. Have problems seeing the weapons laying on the ground. Like the scope up view on the pistol especially. The canned comments of simulated team mates is not one of my favorites so...

  6. I am jumping around the campaigns. Halo CE scoring and timer working. Halo 2 not. Am I the only one, or does anybody else have the problem? Still haven't gotten PvP to do anything.

  7. Loved Reach for the Sabre mission. Would like to see that as a PvP option at some point in the saga. As it is, I think there is plenty of content to tide us over until 5 comes out.

  8. I hope sprint is standard.