1. Yeah, seriously. I am a very competitive gamer so that isnt a big issue for me, but not everyone is. Where is the old style of gaming, where a group of friends hooked up a bunch of consoles, ate pizza and played BTB? Really disappointed with that. Also...

  2. So the time I spent ranking up in playlists are gone now? I have to start from 1 again? What about the people who got 50? Where BTB, swat, dubs??

  3. 3 Star General!?

    Halo Wars Series - Posted By htimS On

    I just joined a lobby with a dude that had a 3 star general rank. How does one obtain, and unlock this rank? The imgur link is the picture of the rank. This is also on Xbox not PC.

  4. I don't know if it's just me, but when I search for games (typically I have a rank of 5-10 since I dont play a lot) I constantly get games against 45's+. Anyway to fix this? Or has 343 said they're fixing this? Let me know Thanks.

  5. Credits

    Halo: Reach and Legacy Halo - Posted By htimS On

    343, In my opinion, I think that there should be more ways to earn credits other than daily challenges. This game is pretty old now, and it still takes a very long time to rank up. That's just my opinion, let me know forums.

  6. The glitch where you go into a campaign lobby, log out of your main, sign onto a local profile, then sign off and come back on your main. I know this glitch works, but I'm afraid to keep playing because of a reset.

  7. I agree with nameplates, but I disagree with blue flaming helmet.

  8. is this still a thing? If so, how am I able to create one?

  9. So I'm going to take it as a no? Haha

  10. Anyway to change them? It's kind of boring having the same ole Mark VI helmet since 2011.