1. I think that is important to have a nice KD but if you're not a PRO gamer (a real one) there's no real reason to make fun or discriminate people with lower KD than you, besides, it depends a lot of what kind of playlist you play the most and...

  2. Do not post discriminatory comments.

  3. Equipo Para el Mundial

    Recruiting - Posted By hwkblade63 On

    Hola, soy hwkblade (obviamente) soy un jugador veterano de Halo y desde hace tiempo he querido formar un equipo competitivo Latinoamericano con meta en aquellos torneos a gran escala que se realizan (en particular el mundial) Hay alguien interesado en...

  4. If they implement this option, that will encourage me to sell the useless REQs I have and keep playing to get the ones I want imo

  5. Well people are a-holes and they like pissing you off, but don't worry, there are still plenty of players who will wait till you assassinate the noob and then teabag the poor guy together (:

  6. Let's be honest, there's no use of going back to a slow game, yes halo 2/3 were awesome games (h2 is my favorite) with a badass multiplayer for their era, but time passes and multiplayer can not stay the same, if not people will get bored. I...