1. HALO MCC Theater ISSUE/FEEDBACK: It doesn't make sense why i can't watch film with a friend??? Give me a logical explanation why this has not been implemented?? This game has been out fir like 4-5 years and something as small as viewing a...

  2. This could be just me but I'm a halo 3 player just about all the time. I love the new updates and how fast matchmaking is when searching, loading games up and more. The only thing I've come across is one specific game type/map selection that...

  3. Good evening guys. This is kind of something that's bugged me since day 1, but is it possible to make theater mode where you can view films with more than one person? That seems like an easy fix!

  4. It would be the only game I ever play

  5. I play Halo 3 on MCC. Looking for decent players to run with. Currently a 41.

  6. Add me if you want to run halo 3 on MCC. Preferably decent players. I'm currently a 41 in Halo 3 looking to get my 50 on this game. Add me or reply here. I'm on now.

  7. How good are you? Add me iTz DoRa