1. Make h3 snipers ranked! Please it’s the most popular playlist.. i know so many people would play it so bad, you guys are so focused on the social community you forget about the competitive community, make it ranked!

  2. For the love of all halo players and fans and long tine players... make snipers a RANKED PLAYLIST! Please. It’s the only mode where anyone is searching, make it ranked as well as in social and satisfy both competitive and non competitive player.

  3. Can we please add like h3 snipers to ranked, ranked playlist are getting dry and social team snipers is the only playlist I can find a match in! Please add ranked team snipers!

  4. Can you please add ranked team snipers. Please. At least test it out and see the population. Please so many people want it.

  5. Team snipers, slayer, dubs, for H3!! Cmon now, if you guys leave social slayer and hardcore I will personally throw my disk out the window... I feel another update fail. :|

  6. Ranked team snipers... that would go on long way for me and other players.. it was probably most popular In OG halo 3 next to slayer. So please add Team snipers RANKED