1. Whyce there is backlash against sprint why not remove it in gamemodes with under ten players? I feel like the players hating on sprint are looking for a pure nostalgia ride they can play the now fixed MC. For those of us who aren't afraid to take...

  2. Halo and DND?

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    That moment when you're 1 hit & a grunt fires off his last plasma pistol shot & your save failed. 😂 i'd play that.

  3. XBOX that night when I hooked it up to the modem for the first time and played halo 2 multipplayer is unforgettable.

  4. This a ruff one for me they were all fun but I'd say halo odst that level when you meet the criminal posing as a cop right after he dies and you go down the long -Yoink- tunnels of doom lol & the final mission of reach those damn elites between...

  5. Why don't mind if I do

  6. Okay I know it's gonna be good but that reveal told me "we have an engine but that 's about it " I respect the heck out that especially after the misleading stuff put out for halo 5 which is still a good game.

  7. Aww man so my code is useless too?

  8. Wish I'd gotten this game earlier seems like a missed so much

  9. Halo Reach Collective

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    Greetings I hope this post finds you in good health. > Earn credits faster! > Increase your rank by a minimum of 1 per day! > Play challenging MM & CC matches with competent players! If your interested then join my COLLECTIVE we usually...