1. I always thought it was a little dumb that a super soldier would need to put in extra effort to run faster while not being able to use their weapon because...reasons. In the first 3 you already run but just slow enough so as to not effect your combat...

  2. While I think swimming might feel cool. It’s kinda unrealistic that over 1,000 pounds of dense metal would float when condensed to the size of a man maybe if the thruster pack(if it will still exist) could pull an anthem but honestly I doubt it

  3. Gameplay?

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    We saw in the trailer, promo art, and that cool on stream in depth trailer commentary, that infinite will be returning the old art style(potentially with a blend of the new stuff like how halo wars 2 did) but how will the gameplay change? I’m not...

  4. ‘Reckless driver’ vehicle stuck with plasma nade. Blow up an enemy with it

  5. Who thinks 343 will release it in November? Or this year at all? I’ve heard a lot of people saying they might wait for 2020 but idk

  6. Can’t wait. 343 seem to have learned from their past experiences and might make something truly great.

  7. Happy Halodays

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    See you next year 343