1. Halo 6 open world

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    I wouldn't mind an open world if it was kind of like Halo ODST. Where you explored most of New mombasa with enemy patrols all around the map as you find the missions. That would be fun.

  2. The photos look amazing.

  3. So I believe we all saw the symbols in the cave during the Halo infinite trailer. My friend and I have been trying to figure out what they say and we can't figure it out. Does anyone know?

  4. Hi, I know I am late for this but I would be happy to help out with any future machinima projects you had in mind. I'm willing to body act and voice act if needed.

  5. Halo tattoos?

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    I would like to get the hell jumper symbol or the arbiter mark of shame.

  6. My favorite weapon would have to be the carbine from halo 3 and the needle rifle.

  7. I would choose the Mark IV armor