1. If the Spirit of Fire comes back in some halo.. 5 or 6 or what ever.. it would have more sense that the ma5b exist.. because on the spirit of fire are old weapons.. old spartans armors.. etc. my favorite gun is the ma5b.. its like magic.. lol.. i think...

  2. No, never should this happen. The assault rifle in the game already needs to be toned WAY down. You should not be able to cross map somebody with a -Yoinking!- assault rifle. IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT OF THE GAME COMPLETELY.

  3. Whispered Truth

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By skunk2spec On

    it also kills with two head shots ;) Yeah, no it doesn't. It's a 3 shot kill just like the BR.

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  7. Hey me and my buddy are in the same boat. We're 2 looking for 2. I'll PM you

  8. I want to apply but I'm not lvl 100+. Plus I come packaged with another. Oh well

  9. I'm so tired of the -Yoink- connections in halo 3s matchmaking. Fix that -Yoink-, seriously.