1. My update is in 700% right now. Am I the only one?

  2. This update is just ridiculous... just breaked the 180% and still going.

  3. My update is at 160%. How is this possible?

  4. I am platinum 1 and got matched five games in a roll against people who were playing together with rank gold +. Even with a diamond one. The matchmaking is so lame. I like to play by myself with random teams and my losses/wins are balanced enough to make...

  5. Galera, dêem uma olhada no NAT de vocês. Um amigo tava tendo problema em achar as partidas e era bem esse o embróglio. Checa em configurações>rede, na tela principal vai aparecer o status do NAT. Se tiver restritivo ele é o problema. Pra solucionar...

  6. Check your Nat. Maybe it's restrictive. You have to open xbox ports on your router to achieve the Open Nat status. Go to network tab in xbox and check if this is the problem. A friend of mine had the same issue and his NAT was the problem.