1. Here is my concept for a new team of Spartan II's. Enjoy!

  2. Red Team was part of the Advanced Hardware Program that allowed for modifications to their armor. They were originally testors of the prototype energy shielding that would be incorporated into the Mark V armor. Maybe an A.I. interface was part of this...

  3. Not all the A.I. joined Cortana. Infinity's A.I. Roland is still on board and helping them hide from Cortana. It's safe to guess that not all the "created" joined Cortana's uprising.

  4. Writing Contest 3 Q&A

    Halo Universe - Posted By werth 12 On

    When is the 10k word contest? I have mine done and its currently at 2300 words. Thinking it would fit great in that contest. I really want to see what some seasoned fan fic writers think of it.