1. Halo:Infinite will most likely be the best one,love the old Mark armour that chief has back,looking forward to getting it.

  2. Yeah,it has had difficulties,that's why I went ahead and beat the campaign on legendary,I love that last mission though.Lone Wolf

  3. Isn't the speach at the end by Cortana? No,they have the same voice actor though

  4. Is this what you are looking for? "It didn't take long for Reach to fall. Our enemy was ruthless. Efficient. But they weren't nearly fast enough. For you had already passed the torch. And because of you, we found Halo, unlocked its secrets...

  5. Actually,Noble 6 has had much experiance,he reached Hyper Lethal Vector,1 of the fonly 2 spartans to ever do that,so,it is luck to decide who wins,but honestly,yes,master chief.