1. Please fix your game! Or give us some direction. Should I not be using my series X for this game? I literally drop out all the time. What can we do to improve this. Thanks..

  2. Its so broken lately! Booted every other match is not ok.

  3. I get dropped out of every other game for not in sync. 343 industries need to fix this.

  4. I know no one cares but two things bug me on this game. 1- The drops what the heck is going on here. I get booted every other game I swear. It says game is out of sync. Is this cause I am on a Xbox series X now. What is going on? 2- 50% of this community...

  5. Seriously, I got dropped out of the first game then quit when I had no bases left and am banned? What the crap.

  6. I am so sick of the decimus banshee spam. Its impossible to beat as you cannot defend your bass well enough if you choose a UNSC Leader.