1. My favourite memory was grinding the MLG playlist to finally get my 50. Eventually me and a friend came up against this little known 14 year old kid who was tipped to become pro called Snakebite on Pit TS (I wonder what happened to him). The game was...

  2. Apparently in the space of 1 day my accuracy has dropped 15% and I'm losing games to people running in straight lines. Even Halo 3 wasn't this bad for lag.

  3. One level is justified, not 5. Each time it has brought up the "Downloading matchmaking data" message

  4. It's kind of annoying that the two times I've quit (due to uneven teams) I've lost 5 or so ranks. Surely this is a bug?

  5. 1) ranking system (especially with MLG) 2) reduce the chances of teams playing groups of singles (especially MLG, it takes away the fun going in on your own to match up against a pro team and loose 50-8) 3) remove the bloom (I understand that there used...