1. Halo Community Feedback Program | Community | Halo ...

    Halo fans can share their opinions with 343 Industries using the Halo Community Feedback Program. When you choose to join the program, you will become eligible to receive surveys that will help us understand what you want from our games. Eventually, we’ll also try to provide some unique perks for people who join.

  2. Welcome Colony! | Halo Wars 2

    The UNSC faces a formidable new foe in its battle against The Banished with the arrival of the Hunter pair known as Colony! The first additional Banished leader to join the Halo Wars 2 fray features brand new units and abilities offering new strategies, tactics and gameplay across all multiplayer modes.

  3. Halo: Fireteam Raven | Games

    Halo: Fireteam Raven is a cooperative arcade sci-fi shooting game from arcade legends Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix in a unique partnership with 343 Industries. Set in the timeframe of Halo: Combat Evolved, this new arcade experience hot-drops players feet first into the boots of Fireteam Raven – a group of elite Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) on the surface of Alpha Halo fighting ...

  4. Welcome Yapyap THE DESTROYER! | Halo Wars 2 | Halo ...

    This is Yapyap THE DESTROYER. Claimer of crowns. Giver of gas. Founding fodder of an unstoppable Unggoy army. GALAXY’S. GREATEST. GRUNT. Or at least, that’s what the memo said that was sent out by his PR department. Either way, Yapyap THE DESTROYER brings a refreshing dose of lethal levity to the Halo Wars 2 experience, capping off an already-awesome run of Season Pass content.

  5. Toys & Collectibles | Shop

    Mattel’s new 6” action figure series brings the world of Halo to life! This highly poseable collector’s series includes interchangeable, mix-and-match armor parts and weapon accessories so you can customize your figure for play or display. Halo Warthog + 12” Master Chief Figure. The UNSC’s most versatile ground vehicle now in deluxe ...

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  1. K/D Ratio

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By Captain Velcoro On

    Well I myself have a KD of 15 in multiplayer and 23 in Warzone. Im a killa on da thumbsticks DOE I'm sick of you spreading falsities, mods please ban this profile immediately his comments are not conducive to a meaningful halo discussion. Didn't...

  2. No. I wasn't featured in the Halo spotlight. I feel like 343 Industries still owes me the Fire Unicorn skin because I was featured last October 2019 Halo spotlight. I didn't get because I didn't fill out the form right. It doesn't matter...

  3. Hello everyone In the halo 5 campaign I don't hear the dialogues. I don't listen to the voices of the characters. Not English, not Spanish. On XBOX ONE Your help please

  4. The ability to play as the Arbiter in Halo 3 single-player as well as the ability to make custom playlists. The second one I'm pretty sure I asked for before but combing those two would let those who want to do so to make an Arbiter playlist.

  5. They did say they going to make more seasons after Reach and the only seasons that i think we will be going to see are Halo 3 with ODST (If they add ODST Firefight) and Halo 4 so i hope they do treat Halo 4 and possibly Halo 3 as they did to Halo Reach...

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    97/100 Members
    Est. 2/26/2016

    ¡Bienvenido a LOS INDESTRUCTIBLES! Somos Una Compañía Mexicana enfocada al Ámbito Competitivo.

    El objetivo m principal de la Compañía es Crear Una Pequeña y limitada comunidad de Jugadores con determinacion, a mejorar en el Ámbito Competitivo
    y Mas Que Nada Crear de las Relaciones y / o amistades Que llevaran a Los Jugadores radicar en un Futuros Torneos de Halo.

    Otro punto a aclarar Es Que LOS INDESTRUCTIBLES, Regularmente se realizaran Torneos de Manera interna, ESTO Con El Fin de Poner a prueba las Habilidades de los integrantes, la, De Igual Manera se pretende Generar Cierta convivencia, Tener Nuevas Experiencias, Y Sobre Todo, Divertirse.

    Todo Esto! En un Corto Plazo, miembro En un Plan de Un Futuro se pretende Como objetivo m Comenzar con Torneos de Manera externa, invitando ONU Toda la comunidad en general, los de halo, tambien abra Compensaciones en Aquellos Jugadores Que demuestren su Habilidad y sean Acreedores de uno de los Primeros Lugares de los Torneos en Realizar los Cuales no seran pára Muchos Una novedad:

        • Modalidad de 2 vs 2
        • Modalidad de 4 vs 4
        • Modalidad de FFA
    Todas las Modalidades con Reglas linea de la base a la temporada Real de la Listas de Arena

    Es Necesario aclarar Que Si Desean Ser Parte De ESTA comunidad, ademas de mandar su previa Solicitud ES NECESARIO, Que Se UNAN AL Grupo de facebook ya Que aqui estaremos mas al Tanto de Las Novedades, o bien mandar su numero telefónico de Una Alguno de los Administradores para asi agregarlos al grupo de WhatsApp.

    Requisitos para admisión:

    1. Tener Una Actitud amigable y Competitiva buscando siempre la victoria
    2. Saber jugar en equipo (Trabajo en Equipo)
    3. Constancia
    4. Respeto Hacia TODOS LO Miembros de la Compañía (Es normal Que Exista Entre nosotros Cierta confianza)
    5. Tener Micrófono o Kinect para establecer Comunicación
    6. Con RESPECTO al Requisito anterior, la Comunicación es clave y Dębe Ser siempre Con Todos Los Miembros de LOS INDESTRUCTIBLES, ya Que la comunicacion es La Base de Para Generar Una alcaldesa efficiency clasificatorias Partidas
    7. Si Es Posible, ONU camarada de INDESTRUCTIBLES (Dara Consejos o compartir Experiencias)
    8. Estar Al Tanto de las novedades Sobre la Compañía y exponer Un comentario o Punto de Vista en el grupo de Facebook o Whatsapp
    9. Cada sabado se Presentan las tipicas Partidas Personalizadas (las aduanas) Entre Los Creadores de la Compañía A Las Cuales estan INVITADOS
    10. Clasificaciones Bronce, Plata, Oro y Platino sin seran considerados para la admisión interna ya Que El objetivo m it Crear Una comunidad limitada Producto Producto de Jugadores semiprofesionales Pero por favor leer el punto numero 12
    11. Tener Conocimiento Previo de Como Funciona el tema del Ámbito Competitivo
    12. Dado La Regla 10, el pecado SIGNIFICA Que se Pierda uno de los Objetivos :) ¿Cual es el Ayudar a la comunidad en general en si no cumples con el punto 10, Estás invitado a unirte al grupo de facebook , Donde PUEDES Pedir Consejos, estrategias, O bien Ayuda Directa para ingresar al Mundo del Competitivo
    Sin mas Que Decir les deseo mucha suerte y bienvenidos a LOS INDESTRUCTIBLES !!!

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Team Head Hunters II

    88/100 Members
    Est. 4/28/2019

    We are a company who grinds hard for the commendations needed to get the armor and helmet while being respectful with our members.

    We are accepting new recruits at this time. If you are interested in being part of a hard working good company, please send a join request.

    In your join request, be sure to include who recruited you( if applicable) and why you are interested in joining.

    We use a discord chat app for company communications.

    Once you you have been accepted in the company, use the following link to join our company discord server:

    Requirements to join are:
    -must work with teammates to achieve commendations needed.
    -must be actively playing Halo 5. Inactivity is scrutinized and dealt with.
    -must be able to use discord
    -must have a working mic
    (Xbox app will suffice)
    -must be willing to put company commendations requirements ahead of other gaming responsibilities(example- clan activities)

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    82/100 Members
    Est. 10/19/2015


  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Thee XP Junkies

    70/100 Members
    Est. 4/30/2020

    Secondary company of the XP Junkies. Same rules, same fun!

    ****** If you want to join, please read the requirements below. We will NOT accept default messages or other messages without knowing your AGE.*******
    Hey! We're Thee XP Junkies. It's as simple as that, we LOVE XP and companies are the best way to get extra XP. We're pretty laid back and chalax so join up if you just love to game! If you are looking for a fun group of crazies to play with, then read on. If you just want a company, the armor or helmet, or just want XP, then request to join! We don't care if you've been playing halo for years or are a Christmas Noobie, join up!

    -- 18+ years old. We want mature players ONLY
    -- Weekly Active Players who want more gamer friends
    -- Communicate and play with other members
    -- If you have a mic, that's a BONUS!!!
    -If you are NOT over 18 years old, do NOT request to join. You will be DENIED!
    -30+ days inactive is subject to being kicked
    -Customs and Campaign do not count as active
    -Staying active on Waypoint and/or discord helps

    Include in your Request to Join:
    - Why you wanna join the company
    - Your AGE
    - Your time zone and when you typically play
    - Why you're awesome
    NO DEFAULT MESSAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED -- We're here to make friends, not build numbers.

    Reasons you may want to join:
    - We are awesome
    - We just like to game and have fun
    - We don't care how good or bad you are

    Achilles Status: Updated 24 May 2020
    Tier 1: 12/31
    Tier 2: 3/31
    Armor: 3/31 (Completion Percentage: 23.29%)
    Tier 4: 2/31
    Helmet: 0/31 (Completion Percentage: 10.10%)

    Social Media:
    We have a Discord Page (please check the forums for the link and rules--once accepted). We use this page for almost all of our communication.


    BROCK SAIYIPSON: Face of the company. Obsesses over commendations. Always calls dibs on first strike and gets way too excited during awesome plays. Look out for his ghosts during firefight. (XP JUNKIES Leader)

    KelleySpartan87: Founder of the company. The Brawling Beauty of Grifball and Gungoose extraordinaire. Halo's best panic, crouch, and puncher so don't come around the corner or you'll hear a scream. (XP JUNKIES Leader)

    Admiral Jumbo: Always happy to meet new Spartans and the best wingman to fill your vehicle turrets. You’ll find him mostly in super fiesta or firefight.

    ^^^ I also serve as the Sea of Thieves liaison for the company. Message me with any questions, or if you’re looking for a good crewmate. Current ranks 46/17/51/51/51/6.

    Tamable Kaos: You fear the Kaos, He tames the Kaos

    Dark Jester EXE: The first Champion, the first to achieve SR152 and the first to complete all 510 commendations in the company, a Spartan who believes he's beyond and surpassed the elite.

    We have 2 active members of our leadership. We work together to make decisions for the company and to keep things running smooth and FUN. Contact us with any issues and message us if we're online and want to play.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    88/100 Members
    Est. 10/27/2019

    Dark Yoda74

    How far
    Armor 15/31
    Helmet 4/31
    If u get invited to the game from the leader join it we farm for the company in groups
    Read bio
    U need to have a rank and u need to be higher then level 125 or no accept
    No custom games player or kick

    DiscordJoin the discord or u are not in

    • What we want is WARZONE players and arena
    • we like to get people that grind
    • u always need to have a rank or u get kick
    • Be actieve
    1. We dont have the achilles armor
    2. We dont have the achilles helmet
    • join and help the company

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