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    Set 21 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo Wars is an exciting real-time strategy game set in the legendary Halo universe. In this unique installment in the Halo franchise, players experience the epic battles that marked the beginning of the Covenant War.

  2. MCC Development Update - April 2019 | Halo: The Master ...

    It's been a busy, pizza-filled month since we shared the news that Halo: Reach is coming to MCC and the whole collection is headed to PC! Join us for an update on how the journey to bring MCC to PC is going and hear more about the team's vision, what our partner Splash Damage has been up to, and much more.

  3. Our Journey Begins | Halo Infinite

    E3 2018 is a monumental moment for the Halo franchise and for us here at 343 Industries, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you a glimpse of our new Slipspace Engine, which will power our next title, Halo Infinite. It’s been a busy stretch here at 343 since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians between supporting the title with post-release updates and secretly working on our new ...

  4. Halo Championship Series

    The Halo Championship Series is the official Halo esports league. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

  5. Welcome Sgt. Johnson! | Halo Wars 2

    He's back! The newest leader for Halo Wars 2 is none other than Sergeant Johnson himself and this time he's brought his "Green Machine" with him. Read on to learn more about the new units, abilities and tactics that ol' Sarge will bring to Halo Wars 2 - available now for Windows 10 and Xbox One!

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  1. So which year is Infinite

  2. Hey there - I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Losing a loved one of any sort is never easy. We wish you the best and hope you're able to find comfort in the legacy he leaves behind. Much love!

  3. Another thing that’s canon but they probably won’t really talk about is how at the end of halo 5, Lasky tells the infinity crew to keep making random slip space jumps until they can find a way to fight Cortana . A slip space jump takes...

  4. Can these be achieved via 'elimination ' I survive a round but dont get any progress. Similar story for almost the commendations in that game. I dont play it much, but now want to focus on getting the breakout commendations. You have to survive...

  5. the pilot in the E3.

    Halo Infinite - Posted By IGX05 On

    My safe bet is he's the next Foehammer. Seems to me to have a nice personality for the role. Not one to eagerly go guns blazing but is handy and seems caring. A nice contrast to Chief's stiff demeanor. For instance, I can see a situation playing...

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Legendary Achilles 8

    38/100 Members
    Est. 2/16/2019

    This is a holdover company for general Legendary Achilles Members who have earned the helmet in our companies. This is a social company only to help us stick together until Infinite.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    River of Styx

    91/100 Members
    Est. 7/27/2018

    The River of Styx

    Legend tells the story of Achilles; a peerless Hero of the Trojan War. His greatness originated from the River of Styx. Upon his birth, Achilles was submerged into the depths of the River and gifted invincibility; save his ankle, by which he was held by his mother. Achilles' fabled armor was also dipped into this Horrible River, adding to his unmatched strength in battle.

    The River of Styx is one of the five rivers that encompass the Underworld of Hades. The Gods swore their Oaths by this River, and had to adhere to the river's will once these Oaths were made. If such an Oath were broken, the offending God was made to drink from the foul river thus losing his voice for nine years. This power over the Gods was gifted to Styx, the Goddess of this sinister realm, by Zeus himself for her assistance in the Titan War.

    Take heed to this warning, as it is the only one you will be given.


    • Achilles HELMET!!
    • Meet new players from all over the world
    • Friendship and Gamesmanship
    • Make The River of Styx one of the best SC’s around
    • Improve player skill levels, and compete in ranked arena playlists
    • Activity on Halo 5, being inactive for 10 consecutive days will result in being booted, however if you know ahead of time that you're going to be inactive for longer than 5 days please post in the Leave of Absence section on Discord to protect yourself. If you are in fact booted for inactivity, then when you become active again, request to join back.
    • Respect and Integrity to all players
    • JOIN OUR DISCORD (you will receive an invite via Waypoint) The invite will expire within 24hrs so please be prompt in accepting it. It is required that you join discord because that is our main line of communication within the company for events, current commendations we are focusing on, and other important company information.
    Current Member List:

    - FOUNDER: ExodusStyx
    - FOUNDER: GlacierJax

    - COO: iviUi2D3i2

    Hydra Squad
    COO: iviUi2D3i2
    LT: xBukakkeTsunami
    Nyx Squad
    COO: iviUi2D3i2
    LT: BotanicHurdle94
    Cerberus Squad
    COO: iviUi2D3i2
    LT: Werewolf Alpha7
    Charon Squad
    COO: iviUi2D3i2
    Thanatos Squad
    COO: iviUi2D3i2
    LT GoGoGadgetHero

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    L i m i t l e s s

    98/100 Members
    Est. 12/19/2015

    *************************************************** INVITE ONLY ***************************************************
    Achilles Armor Set Progress:
    Armor: Completed (06/04/17)
    Helmet: 98%
    > DISCORD <
    * Leaders check player activity at the end of the month
    * Inactivity: Not playing at least [20] games of Warzone in the current month
    (If you want to stay message leadership when you'll be inactive)
    If you have any questions or suggestions, message any of these people:
    Lieutenant: Codename Matrix
    Lieutenant: S A D K O T A
    Lieutenant: LeftmostClamp
    Lieutenant: ProclaimUnited
    [Last Updated: 6/12/19]
    [ 4 ] Commendations to complete:
    Kill an enemy Spartan with shoulder bash: 9036 / 9700 (93%)
    Kill the driver of a moving enemy vehicle by using a Sniper Rifle: 760 / 1020 (75%)
    Kill Marines: 24975 / 38900 (64%)
    Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle: 15703 / 29200 (54%)
    Social Media:
    Pi3derf -YouTube | Twitch
    TheSinisterBrat - YouTube | Twitch | Twitter
    Shhy Panda -YouTube | Twitch
    Killionaire TV - YouTube | Instagram
    SooN x Pierce - Twitch
    IX Trick - Twitch

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Hazardous AS F

    100/100 Members
    Est. 5/27/2018

    We are Hazardous As F - Can't beat us? Join us! Unless you're a hater.

    You'll hear a lot about us from all the salty teams we beat, but we're really just a fun, chill mixed group playing a game for enjoyment. We have a great time with our ragtag group of misfits - no bullies or haters here, keep it respectful or get kicked. We value comradorie, teamwork, honesty, equality and hilarity. We include players from all over the world, playing all game types with varying skill levels grinding for that Achilles armor.

    We always strive to win (and usually succeed) so please, always keep the W in mind, but make it FUN! And always remember RESPECT is key. We're all friends here, let's all have a good time!

    There are no strict requirements to join our company. You don't have to come to meetings or change your emblem or anything like that, but the following are appreciated:

    • Positive K/D
    • Ages 18 & over only please
    • Vehicle Use
    • Appropriate Callouts
    • Mics Preferred
    • Active Players Only
    • Positive Attitudes
    • Ability to give and take constructive feedback
    • Understanding your place in game regarding slaying vs objective
    • No unprovoked T-bagging
    • Respectful honesty with fellow company members
    • Keep it fun and invite your friends!
    To watch us on Twitch follow or subscribe to Hazards Ya Mama and please donate to support our company.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    67/100 Members
    Est. 8/27/2016

    Support our fam:

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