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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Digital Cowboys

    99/100 Members
    Est. 12/22/2015


    Digital Cowboys is a spartan company dedicated to completing all commendations. We don't have any crazy requirements to join, other than just being active. Our core group is active most nights of the week in both Warzone and Arena playlists. While our focus is completing all commendations in the game, we also want to utilize the company to form pre-made Warzone groups and grind Arena playlists. Any spartan who is active and also seeking commendations is welcome to join. We have earned our Achilles armor and are now working towards the helmet. Special thanks to b01000100 for providing our company with commendation tracking tools, including Discord integration.

    Goals of Digital Cowboys:

    • 100% Commendation Completion
    • Forming Pre-Made Warzone Groups
    • Grinding Arena Playlists
    • Having Fun

    Join us on Discord

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achi15es

    58/100 Members
    Est. 7/4/2016

    Note: WE HAVE THE ARMOR!!!
    We are now working our way to the Helmet!
    WARNING!! You will not receive the armor if you join the company. ONLY THE HELMET!!

    Welcome to the new & improved 15th company of the We Need Achilles community! Why don't you join the 2000+ members of We Need Achilles and make some new gaming friends as you get one great looking helmet? Please check the forums upon joining! Our subreddit can be found here, you're more than welcome to join!

    Some Information That Should Be Noted:

    • Don't send messages to this company, explain why you want to join in the request form
    • Please do not apply with the default message, you will be declined.
    • Try to be thoughtful with why you want to join ;)
    • This Spartan company is more than 85% complete all the kill commendations we need to unlock the Achilles helmet.
    • We expect to be complete before mid-September.
    • Many of our members have been grinding for months and months. Some have lasted more than a full year on this grind.
    • Out of fairness to the members who’ve worked hard on this grind for a long time, any members admitted into the company for the final stretch will be required to maintain minimum scoring rates at a much higher level than members who’ve been grinding with us for months now. Weekly minimums for all new members are:
    • (ALL of the following)
    • > 75 enemy marine kills
    • > 75 enemy Spartan kills using a ground vehicle
    • > 25 enemy Spartan kills using frag, plasma, or splinter nades
    • > 2 kills with a sniper rifle of an enemy Spartan who is driving a vehicle
    • (3 of the following 5)
    • > 20 reversals (kill enemy Spartan who shot you first)
    • > 10 longshots
    • > 10 splatters
    • > 10 last shot, Sayonara, cluster luck medals
    • > 10 Spartan charge kills
    • 5. We have a bot that tracks your weekly activity. You will have access to the bot to keep track of your scores.
    • 6. We don’t particularly care if you are a great arena player and can rack up the headshots, etc. We have plenty of members who can do that already. We are specifically recruiting people to assist us on our weakest comms (the ones listed above). If you cannot earn those comms, you cannot earn your place in this company for the final stretch to the Achilles helmet unlock.
    • 7. There is no shortage of gamers wanting to get into a Spartan company in the final weeks before the achievements are scored. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the terms as explained above. If you cannot deliver, you will be discharged (and if appropriate given the circumstance we may help find you a placement with another WNA company where you can meet their minimums).
    • 8. Also, because of the massive application spamming we get, we, unfortunately, cannot respond to all applications. You’re best chances of getting in are writing a personal message in your application that indicates you have read the above terms and are willing and able to deliver on them.
    • 9. Successful applicants will be contacted and sent instructions to connect with us on our external messaging service. Invites to that service will expire after three days and your application will be deleted.
    • Sorry if the above all seems a bit harsh but we all rather play Halo than wasting everyone’s time administrating non-performing members
    Current Progress:
    Armor: 100%
    Helmet: 87.39%
    Estimated days for helmet- 247.81
    Our Brother Companies:

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Eleven Seven

    55/100 Members
    Est. 3/23/2017

    The Eleven Seven has earned both the Achilles armor and helmet. You are still welcome to join to try to complete the assist and game mode commendations and join the awesome community of our members.

    Armor obtained: 3:28 pm 6/10/2017

    Helmet obtained: 7:05 pm 12/9/2017

    If you are looking for an active company grinding for the Achilles helmet, please join us in Noble Elements, where we will be obtaining the helmet for others who wish to EARN the Achilles set. Read the description upon clicking that link.

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achil10s

    40/100 Members
    Est. 4/19/2016

    On November 6th 2017, this company began the painful process of rebuilding itself and regaining its lost momentum toward the Achilles helmet. Several members have certainly earned their helmets getting the company to where it is. They have done enough. They will taken in by other We Need Achilles companies nearing the helmet unlock. This will free up some space for new blood to join in and earn their helmets. All members of this company, new and old, are required to accumulate a fair share of the remaining Spartan Company Kill Commendations to be rewarded with the Achilles helmet unlock. Fair warning: members with insufficient participation (ie. accumulated comms scores) will be discharged prior to the unlock.

    Requirements to join:
    1. You MUST join our company Discord (see below for an explanation about Discord). If your join request shows merit, you will be sent a link to our Discord. We will not accept you into the company until you check in with us on our Discord server. (Note: if you are new to Discord please make your Discord name IDENTICAL to your gamertag; if you already have a Discord account and your username is not identical to your gamertag, please adopt a nickname identical to your gamertag right after you join our Discord server).

    2. You MUST be prepared to earn these comms scores by the time this company arrives at the helmet (missing ones can sometimes be made up for by doubling/tripling down on others; once a commendation is complete, members don't accumulate more credits against it):
    (a) 5800 Standard Issue: kills of enemy Spartans with a standard loadout weapon
    (b) 4400 Something On Your Face: headshot kills of enemy Spartans
    (c) 725 Sting Like A Bee: melee kills of enemy Spartans
    (d) 580 Sorry Mate: marine kills
    (e) 580 Look Ma No Pin: nade kills of enemy Spartans
    (f) 450 Almost Doesn't Count: kill an enemy Spartan when health is low and survive
    (g) 450 Body Guard: protect a teammate by killing their attacker
    (h) 450 Road Trip: use a ground vehicle to kill of enemy Spartans [hog turrets don't count]
    (I) 290 I'm Just Perfect: perfect kills of enemy Spartans
    (j) 290 Too Fast For You: kills of enemy Spartans who shot you first
    (k) 145 Is There No One Else: triple kills or better of enemy Spartans
    (l) 145 The Pain Train: Spartan charge kills of enemy Spartans
    (m) 110 First Strike: earn the first kill in a match against enemy Spartans
    (n) 75 From Downtown: earn longshot kills of enemy Spartans
    (o) 75 From The Top Rope: earn ground pound kills of enemy Spartans
    (p) 75 Lawnmower: splatter kill of enemy Spartans with vehicles
    (q) 75 So Cuddly: assassination kills of enemy Spartans
    (r) 60 Lucky: earn last shot, cluster luck, or sayonara kills of enemy Spartans
    (s) 30 Grand Theft: hijack/skyjack a vehicle from enemy Spartans
    (t) 15 Forgot To Pay The Toll: snipe kills of enemy Spartans occupying a moving vehcile
    (u) 7 Not So Fast: kills of enemy Spartans attempting to hijack a vehicle

    3. You SHOULD have a mic AND know your in-game call-outs AND be able to communicate with your fire team. Whether you are playing with other company members or your other friends, gamers who effectively communicate perform better in the game and usually earn higher commendation scores as a result. Fair warning: any members who are genuinely disrespectful toward others will be quickly invited to find a new Spartan company.

    Discord. Discord is a messaging app built for gamers and it is available for installation on mobile (android/iOS), desktop (windows/macOS), or can be accessed through any web browser at https://discordapp.com/. It can also be installed on the xbox one dashboard, but it's still new and pretty clunky and awkward to use. WHY IS DISCORD SO IMPORTANT TO US? Because our company uses a bot to monitor members' activity and scoring stats.....and members access that bot to monitor their own activity and scoring stats using Discord.

    Ok? If you're up for it, submit a join request and indicate you have read the above by saying "DANGEROUS" in your message.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    Inter Military Corps

    14/100 Members
    Est. 3/18/2017

    Welcome to the official Spartan Company for the International Military Corps.
    We are a military based clan with a hierarchy of command and an in-depth ranking system.
    We are currently open to new recruits.
    New members will need to have an active Kik account to register in the clan chats.
    If you apply on waypoint rather than being recruited send some form of personalized description in the message, if it is the default message you will be rejected.
    Message 'Redundents' if you were not recruited in-game.

    "Ad Ministerium Sui"
    "Service Before Self"

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    Dear Humanity

    73/100 Members
    Est. 2/6/2017

    "Dear Humanity... we regret being alien b@st@rd$. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-@$$ed- fleet!!!"

    This company was created by members and leadership of We Need Achilles17 to earn the Achilles armor piece. All are welcome to join us on this grind!

    ATTENTION: This company is now closed, we have completed our grind of the armor and will be finally enjoying the chance to relax. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the company!

    Links to all We Need Achilles companies can be found here!

  7. Spartan Company Emblem


    96/100 Members
    Est. 6/19/2017

    Come one come all and lets grind the achillies gear together. We are very active and would love other very active players to join up, invite your friends as well, no special KD or requirements nessasary, except joining our discord or facebook this is a requirement if you wanna join. Also be aware we have a 10 day limit of absence from being on, we feel this is fair do to the nature of everyone grinding, and please dont join if all your into is Custom games, Forge, and firefight. These gametypes we have zero tolerance for until after the armor is gotten, and you will be discharged for these, the only time this is acceptable is in our company meeting we hold on a custom forge map. Please contact me if you are unable to play for awhile so it can be noted down, so you are not wrongly kicked. Links to our discord and facebook below.

    Acquired the body armor 9/13/2017

  8. Spartan Company Emblem


    92/100 Members
    Est. 12/14/2016

    Dont suck. Always blame Myles Tenders
    Remember shooting a Spartan on the knees and legs is theiR weakness.
    Dont be shy to ask Myles Tenders for advice or how to be better @ Halo
    any concerns of any, Myles is the guy, message him.
    Myles if your reading this, lend me 5 bucks and a Nornfang.
    Emplus Dids if your reading this also, can i get sum syrup, eh. Replied, yes I'll give you sum syrup

  9. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Atomic Squid Army

    96/100 Members
    Est. 12/26/2015

    Welcome to TASA!
    We were once called Persistent, but we have since changed our name to become The Atomic Squid Army (TASA). We accept players from all walks of life, whether you are casual or not, we don't mind! We understand that Halo 5 can be frustrating at times, but we recommend that you play as a team to make matches easier to finish so that you aren't the only one that has to face frustration. If you are a lone wolf, then more power to you! We don't really have any competitive requirements, however if you do wanna team up with allied companies and run some sweaty matches, feel free! Just, don't cause any issues, that's the only rule.
    Have fun!
    - Daddy Squidz

  10. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 3/3/2017

    Quest for Achilles and to have fun!
    Armor: 10/31
    Helmet: 3/31

    BTA is at full capacity, but you can still ask to join! You may have the opportunity to replace an inactive if you play enough.

    15 Arena games per week
    1 warzone game per week (this can include Firefight until those commendations are complete)
    Due to the amount of requests to join the company, if you go inactive for more than 2 weeks, you will likely be replaced without notice. If you need time away from the game, contact NightFox.

    Be sure to check out the Company forum (our personal one) for weekly contest give aways! Sweet prizes include Req Packs, Xbox Live gift cards and more! Also, as part of an ongoing recruiting effort, if you get a new member to join BTA, I'll gift you a gold Req Pack! Just let me know who you got to join and I'll send you the REQ Pack!

    But wait, it gets better! This company also has Sunday Funday. All you need to do is complete 20 games on Sunday only to automatically be entered into the Sunday Funday Sweepstakes! Get those 20 games in and I'll draw a random winner out of those entered, with the winner getting a mystery prize! This will continue every week, so play to win! Arena and Warzone both count (sorry, no Firefight).

    Week 1 Contest winner for most total kills in Arena and Warzone: Itscirca1995. Prize: 2 Gold req packs.
    Week 2 Contest winner for totaling most perfection kills in Arena and Warzone: SARS SNAFU. Prize: $25.00 Xbox Live gift card.
    Week 3 Contest winner for total marine kills: Popularmos3. Prize: 2 Gold Req Packs.
    Week 4 Contest winner for total headshots in Warzone: Contractzz. Prize: $25.00 Xbox Live gift card
    Week 5 Contest winner for total snipe medals in Arena: LegendShadowsZz. Prize: Splyce weapon skin pack, 3 gold req packs.
    Week 6 Contest winner for most first strikes: luckygreen10. Prize: 5 gold req packs
    Week 7 Contest winner for most assassinations: HallowedLegion. Prize: 5 gold req packs

    Sunday Funday winner (11/19): Castaladin. Prize: Canadian flag weapon skin pack (when available)
    Sunday Funday Winner (11/26): killagrl956. Prize: $15.00 Xbox Live gift card
    Sunday Funday Winner (12/3): o CArNage v. Prize: 3 gold req packs
    Sunday Funday winner (12/10): LegoDragonLord. Prize: 3 gold req packs

    We primarily communicate through Xbox Live and Halowaypoint. Some of use discord, so feel free to ask for the link. BTA also has a Xbox club if anyone is interested.

    You can solo or join in on some epic games
    with Company members! A large group of us play together often and have a lot of fun!

    Remember, have fun and make some memories!

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