1. Halo World Championship 2018

    This is where history is made, and legends are born. When qualification has ended, 16 teams will stand atop the rest to claim a spot in the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals in Seattle, WA on April 13-15.Players have been pouring themselves into every shot, every jump, and every flag capture, all for a chance at this moment - and with a $1,000,000 prize pool, they’ll leave it all on the ...

  2. Weapons | Universe

    Plasma Rifle. An instrument of faith and fire, the Plasma Rifle was the signature weapon of the Covenant’s Sangheili warriors for centuries. It has become rarer since the loss of High Charity, but no less distinctive or respected.

  3. Species | Universe

    Forerunners were an advanced species which dominated the galaxy in the distant past. Nearly all Forerunners are believed to have perished after the firing of Halo. Flood. The Flood is a vicious, extra-galactic parasite capable of seizing, converting, and controlling sentient hosts in an effort to perpetuate its kind. ...

  4. Halo Online Closed Beta Launching in Russia | Halo News ...

    Today, we’re excited to announce a project we’ve been working on with our partners Saber Interactive and Innova Systems: Halo Online, an all-new, free Halo multiplayer PC experience that will launch in closed beta very soon, only in Russia.

  5. Community

    Join the discussion in the forums, view featured community content, and get the latest news. Become a member of the Halo community. Join the discussion in the forums, view featured community content, and get the latest news. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

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  1. There is always a chance with big franchises but the movies usually wont turn out to be that good, same goes for games based on movies. Usually that is the case though surely there are some exceptions.

  2. Come on now, I bet lots of you have always dreamed on adding in more content for the dogfighting in space, and perhaps even multiplayer a multiplayer mode for it as well! But on the topic of that, what about being able to hop in and out of your fighter...

  3. Could work as a warzone mode but making a battle royale would take too much focus away from the arena and big team modes. I would be fine with a free spin off game set in the same universe (think Apex: Ledgends as a Titanfall spin off) and that could...

  4. Remember to recycle this Earth Day! Happy Earth Day

  5. I know you automatically go into third person when using a turret, a vehicle, etc., but I'm asking an option to go into third person while on foot. I mean sure there are mods and stuff, but having a third-person option officially would be a really...

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    83/100 Members
    Est. 5/8/2017

    The Impossible Missions Program was selected missions carried out by the ODST and then later reassigned to the Spartan Program. Most of these missions were considered suicide missions for the individuals who took them. As a commander of an ODST team, you did not like to see the IMP stamped on any missions folder you happened to be reviewing. To further support such missions ONI created ESWATCorp. as a front company to do clandestine work and support operations within resistance territory.
    At ESWATCorp our mission is:

    1. Our goal is to have fun.
    2. "Everybody wins, When somebody shares." Share your experiences, share your knowledge and share your ideas. Leaders share and our members are leaders.
    3. Rise, rise and rise again until sheep become Lions.
    The best leaders are students of the craft and they are teachers as well. At ESWATCorp our motto is, "The Best Way to Learn, is to Teach," because if you can teach it, then you really know it." We work as a team and we will die as a team. It's all about the team in every engagement. Join ESWATCorp Now!

    "It's about the Team, not you. Four well-trained gold sixes communicating and moving with purpose can defeat a team of Platinum's that are out for themselves. Join ESWATCorp. Now!

    The Spartans Creed
    I am a Spartan, I am a Warrior
    I have answered Humanities call.
    My mission is to Run, Fly, Fight & Win.
    I am faithful to a Proud Heritage of Warriors, a strong tradition of Honor
    and a Legacy of Valor.
    I am the Guardian of Freedom and Justice,
    Humanities Sword and Shield,
    It's Sentry and It's Avenger.
    I'll defend Humanity with my Life.
    I am a Teacher, Platoon Leader, Wing-man, and a Warrior.
    I will never leave a man behind, I will never falter and I will not fail.
    For all this, I decree, "I am a Spartan!"

    ESWATCorp stands for Essential Specialized Weapons And Technologies Corporation, where we test and build all types of weapons, technologies, tactics, work on gaming theory and products. We mine innovative ideas from every source, analyze and solve problems. We get the answers for a bigger, brighter and better, kick major buttocks future. Why not Join our team at ESWATCorpNow!
    So, what color would you choose for you Achilles armor?
    You are gaming anyway right!
    So why not get a reward from it and "Join ESWATCorp. Now!!"

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 1/20/2016

    ★★★★》》[ GOLDPACK CLAN ]《《★★★★

    ★★★》》[ THE GOLDPACK CLAN ]《《★★★

    Official GP Leader biographies GPxCLAN Leader1
    Official GP Leader abilities GOLDPACK CLAN

    ( 💎 ) KHALEESI OF GOLDPACK ( 💎 )
    <(💛) Khaleesi GP🇦🇺🇩🇪 (💛)>

    ( 🎀 ) DUCHESS OF GOLDPACK ( 🎀 )
    (💝) Mud Bunny GP🇺🇸 (💝)


    <{{{ ☣MARSHALgoldpack🇦🇺 }}}>

    <(([ 💀Mud Rabbit GP🇺🇸 ]))>

    (Positions; 0/2 - 1 Ɐ 200)
    {{{[ Empty ]}}}

    (Positions; 2/4 - 1 Ɐ 100)

    《《《《🦅 WATCHERGoldPack 🇺🇸》》》》

    (Positions; 1 per Section/Unit/Team/Division)

    (Positions; 7/8 - 1 Ɐ 50)

    (Positions; 16/16 - 1 Ɐ 25)

    (Positions; 27/28 - 1 Ɐ 15)
    Rank-TagComplete RankRank Initialism
    Number ▼▼ Title/Name ▼▼ Abbreviation
    (GP-40)--- <{{⭐}}> Inheritor <{{⭐}}> ---(IHTR)
    (GP-39)-- {{{♔}}} Master Chief {{{♔}}} --(MC)
    (GP-38) <[]{☆}[]> Field Marshal <[]{☆}[]> (FM)
    (GP-37) ☆☆☆☆☆ General ☆☆☆☆☆ (GEN)
    (GP-36) {{☆}} Lieutenant General {{☆}} (LGEN)
    (GP-35)《*☆*》Major General《*☆*》(MGEN)
    (GP-34)-- ☆☆☆☆ Brigadier ☆☆☆☆ -(BRIG)
    (GP-33)----- ☆☆☆ Colonel ☆☆☆ ----(COL)
    (GP-32)- ☆☆ lieutenant Colonel ☆☆ (LCOL)
    (GP-31)---- 《 ☆ 》 Major 《 ☆ 》 ---(MAJR)
    (GP-30)------- []=[] Captain []=[] -------(CAPT)
    (GP-29)-------- [] Lieutenant [] ----------(LT)
    (GP-28)--- [[] Second Lieutenant []] ---(2LT)
    (GP-27)---- [|] Warrant Officer 5 [|] ---(CWO5)
    (GP-26)-- [==] Warrant Officer 4 [==] (CWO4)
    (GP-25)-- [=-] Warrant Officer 3 [-=] -(CWO3)
    (GP-24)--- [=] Warrant Officer 2 [=] --(CWO2)
    (GP-23)--- [-] Warrant Officer 1 [-] ---(CWO1)
    (GP-22)-《◇》 Officer Cadet 《◇》-(OCDT)
    (GP-21)《□》 Student Officer 《□》(IMSO)
    (GP-20) {{{A}}} Alpha Sergeant {{{A}}} (ASGT)
    (GP-19) {{{{☆)Master Sergeant(☆}}}} (MSGT)
    (GP-18) {{{◇)Gunnery Sergeant(◇}}} (GSGT)
    (GP-17)《《《)Staff Sergeant(》》》(SSGT)
    (GP-16)---《《《 Sergeant 》》》----(SGT)
    (GP-15)-《A》Alpha Corporal《A》--(ACPL)
    (GP-14)-----《《 Corporal 》》-------(CPL)
    (GP-13)----《 Lance Corporal 》-----(LCPL)
    (GP-12)-----(¤}> Specialist <{¤)-----(SPEC)
    (GP-11) <¤> Private First Class <¤> (PFC)
    (GP-10) <> Private Second Class <> (PSC)
    (GP-09)----- <==> Private <==> ------(PVT)
    (GP-08)--- [A] Alpha Trooper [A] ----(ATPR)
    (GP-07)- [▪] Gunnery Trooper [▪] --(GTPR)
    (GP-06)-- ▪▪ Lance Trooper ▪▪ --(LTPR)
    (GP-05)▪▪▪Veteran Trooper▪▪▪(VTPR)
    (GP-04)- ▪▪▪▪ Trooper ▪▪▪▪ -(TPR8)
    (GP-03)------- ■ Conscript ■ -------(CNST)
    (GP-02)--------- ◇ Cadet ◇ ---------(CDT)
    (GP-01)------ ○ apprentice ○ ------(APP)
    (GP-00)--------- × Recruit × ---------(RCT)

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    Exact Seventh

    96/100 Members
    Est. 11/6/2016

    Welcome to Exact Seventh! - We are a PC & Xbox team & community who love's to play, earn achievements and destroy the enemy.

    The Exact Seventh company logo:

    All we ask is simple:
    - You stay active
    - You stay friendly
    - You enjoy yourself

    Main links: Discord Server / Xbox Club / Steam Group / Destiny Clan / Seventh Report (Gaming News & More)

    Goals of Exact Seventh:
    - 100% Commendation Completion
    - Grinding Warzone / Arena Playlists
    - Having Fun

    To unlock the Halo 5 Achilles armor set we need to complete the Kill Commendations.

    1. Achilles (Body) - All Spartan Company Kill Commendations with level 3 complete (level 4 started).
    2. Achilles (Helmet) - All Spartan Company Kill Commendations must be completed.
    Our official Halo MCC clan tag is: #TeamE7th
    (This is not required but would be very nice to see).

    Parent organization - Moggie Media Group:
    Steam Group Facebook Group Xbox Club Twitter Page

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    3/100 Members
    Est. 10/2/2016

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    36/100 Members
    Est. 12/30/2018

    Company for Casuals and Sweats alike.
    2019 Casual Achilles Grind
    Just don't leave your message default. :)
    If you are interested in joining our discord, message me!

    Shnugly | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch
    HALO PRO66 | Instagram | YouTube

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