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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Spartan Fireteam Raptor

    100/100 Members
    Est. 10/5/2017

    We all are just friends trying to get Achilles plain and simple. You can join regardless of skill, Spartan rank, or CSR. If you join, you are pretty much guaranteed to Achilles! You will be kicked if you spread bad rumors or act too much like an A-hole. There is NO TIME REQUIREMENT! We love to meet new people. Hope you join!

    Instructions to join can be found Here



    +Armor and Helmet not yet obtained.

    Official discord server: https://discord.gg/Pa83cWs


    • Spartan Fireteam: Raptor (Leading Fireteam)
    Spartan II Company Commander: Nightfall1414
    Spartan II: xGRIMxFALCONx
    Spartan II: Silvertie94922
    Spartan II: ThunderOwl21
    Spartan II: Globex Silenced
    Spartan IV: BigBootyBandit5
    Spartan IV: SNIPERWILL101
    Spartan IV: FL3XicUT1ON
    Spartan IV: L4Z4RUS95

    • Spartan Fireteam: Zenith
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: GAMERZ01245
    Spartan IV: HornMinotaur904
    Spartan IV: halo elite39
    Spartan IV: NotSlid
    Spartan IV: SunkenKetchup31
    Spartan IV: DeathlyGamer42

    • Spartan Fireteam: Archer
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: XxWarPriestXx56
    Spartan IV: RegencyGerm1170
    Spartan II: OddINSERTNAME
    Spartan IV: TeenageGamer04
    Spartan IV: MON3Y B3NT YT

    • Spartan Fireteam: Unitum Vsque Ad Mortem (United Til Death)
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: I Spartan V I
    Spartan IV: superfoxydude
    Spartan IV: deathboy237

    • Spartan Fireteam: Deliverance
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: BrokeHorizon265
    Spartan IV: Last Shadow 5O5
    Spartan IV: gamercj4
    Spartan IV: DetestedHydra43
    Spartan IV: Lejiin

    • Spartan Fireteam: Rescue
    Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: Soldier9567
    Spartan IV: hypotho
    Spartan IV: BlamedClown6
    Spartan IV: Midnightpro1942
    Spartan IV: Niko oneS

    • Spartan Fireteam: King
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: StylishLine4
    Spartan IV: TreppenwitzSz
    Spartan IV: TrapAnother1
    Spartan IV: AvEx Wolf
    Spartan IV: NINJA04ASESINO

    • Spartan Fireteam: Paramount
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: MrAllStar JR
    Spartan IV: Pitga
    Spartan IV: Arcalinux
    Spartan IV: TheLadNorseman
    Spartan IV: TheBestDragon86

    • Spartan Fireteam: Illuminati
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: Dart Link64
    Spartan IV: Im PabloSanchez
    Spartan IV: iCandid
    Spartan IV: cool josh 19
    Spartan IV: RamBeau Jr

    • Spartan Fireteam: Premier
    Spartan III Fireteam Leader: ramiror13
    Spartan IV: TomCat9987
    Spartan IV: commanderark123
    Spartan IV: Jeffrey 0134
    Spartan IV: dougman066

    • Spartan Fireteam: Cavalier
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: GeeZeey 117
    Spartan IV: GDawg59150
    Spartan IV: robertojpg
    Spartan IV: TheBestDragon86
    Spartan IV: HurtLEON08117

    • Spartan Fireteam: Ultramarines
    Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: SuperUltra19
    Spartan IV: LilC77343
    Spartan IV: Nuclear Dust 14
    Spartan IV: Tz Yukiko
    Spartan IV: WotZitTooYa

    • Spartan Fireteam: Victor
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: daniedde904
    Spartan IV: reker 345
    Spartan IV: TacoJackMild
    Spartan IV: TenaciousD11B4X
    Spartan IV: Cracjaw

    • Spartan Fireteam: Thunder
    Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: KJ2r
    Spartan IV: HornMinotaur904
    Spartan IV: robertojpg
    Spartan IV: Germocide
    Spartan IV: Laggyofshotgun

    • Spartan Fireteam: Celtic
    Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: Ronnie73
    Spartan IV: x1XDayzeeX1x
    Spartan IV: Matty FatStaxs
    Spartan IV: CuR1OUs S4vAg3
    Spartan IV: dragonborn2601

    • Spartan Fireteam: Wizard
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: st8k1llin101
    Spartan IV: PeanutHat2005
    Spartan IV: sithmaster0911
    Spartan IV: newvegas34
    Spartan Il: Xerxcies2733

    • Spartan Fireteam: Panther
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: LilRuffShooter
    Spartan IV: Wraith901
    Spartan IV: buttstalion25
    Spartan IV: dragonborn2601
    Spartan IV: McCREEPER257

    • Spartan Fireteam: Zen
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: tristan56790
    Spartan II: DynamicWarrior6
    Spartan IV: man5689kingcool
    Spartan IV: Gloriez
    Spartan IV: Eagle eye61603

    • Spartan Fireteam: Luminary
    Spartan II Fireteam Leader: DarkenedCore76
    Spartan IV: Elias ept
    Spartan IV: whiteputty102
    Spartan IV: MikaleChip00
    Spartan IV: Pretentious Fop

    • Spartan Fireteam: Scorpio
    Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: Dark Robber01
    Spartan IV: JulianSPI
    Spartan IV: ssesson12
    Spartan IV: Mally Foo
    Spartan IV: PhoenixNinja956

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    team THH killeur

    99/100 Members
    Est. 6/18/2016

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    But Flesh and Faith

    66/100 Members
    Est. 8/6/2019

    But Flesh and Faith is a tight group of Halo 5 gamers. Most of us have been playing together for years. We have recently founded this Spartan Company because we wanted to build a roster of active Halo 5 players, not just a bunch of names taking up space.

    We want to gain a full roster to not only give new members a chance to get the Achilles armor but to also jump into Halo Infinite with a full crew without a hitch.

    There are only two rules: Play Halo and join the Discord server. Most of us play every day/night, but we ask that you play at least once a week. If you are stagnant for 21 days or more, we must make room for another active player. We will consider exceptions and re-enlistments if you become active again.

    The only exception to the rules stated above: Play with the company once in a while. If you never play with us, we assume that you are using us for the armor, which isn't cool. It doesn't have to be every time you play, but if no one else knows who you are after being in for a while will be grounds for removal.

    We look forward to playing with you!

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    33/100 Members
    Est. 3/4/2019

    Armadura completada: 25/Ago/19
    Casco en proceso

    Somos " KRAKEN RENEGADOS " y nos complace tenerlo como parte de nuestra comunidad creciente. Cuando te conviertes en uno de nuestros miembros, te conviertes en parte de nuestra familia " The Corps ".

    Nuestra compañía se adapta al mismo servidor como chat de WhatsApp . Servidor de Discordia : KRAKEN RENEGADOS que se utiliza para chatear, organizar torneos y establecer vínculos como equipos.

    Nos encantan los jugadores con gran compañerismo y que quieran pasar un buen tiempo con todos,no nos gustan los jugadores competitivos, te esperamos, tratamos de formar una gran comunidad, una gran familia para el siguiente halo,

    1. Díganos por qué le gustaría ser parte de Kraken Renegados (se rechazarán los mensajes predeterminados).
    2. Respeto mutuo: miembros, líderes, etc.
    3. Únase y participe en nuestro servidor de discord y whatsApp
    4. Se incluirán 50 infantes de marina por semana y 50 muertes con vehículos. de manera obligatoria al ser una encomienda muy tediosa y lenta
    5. Únete a nuestro lobby cada semana. (Fijaremos la fecha para cada semana a través del grupo de WhatsApp y el chat de Discord).
    6. Ser activo
    7. Grabar que se unio bajo estos criterios y de no cumplirlos, lo mas probable es que sea expulsado
    8. Realizamos torneos con el fin de subir las encomiendas con mayor rapidez, favor de realizar su progreso en estos eventos de lo contrario sera expulsado

    General : Tlaloc223
    Teniente General: KISAME TSH
    Perdido en combate: livingflame1397
    Capitán: IxElCatrinxI

    Fireteam: NOVA
    Teniente: Dimtraxsnordico
    Fireteam: CREDO
    Teniente: RoninCat22
    Fireteam: GHIDORAH
    Teniente: XINDORAPTORX30
    Fireteam MAJESTIC
    Teniente: SPARTACO 10 000
    Fireteam NOBLE
    Teniente: julioenrique200

    "- HAIL HYDRA ! - HAIL KRAKEN ! -"

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    90/100 Members
    Est. 5/8/2017

    Essential Specialized Weapons And Technologies Corporation (ESWATCorp) it was created by the Office of Naval Intelligence SECTION 13. (ONI) This front company was assigned to gather information on resistance forces before the Covenant War. ESWAT corporate ships were used as clandestine jump-off points for ODST missions then later changed the assignments over to the Spartans. Most of the missions given by Section 13 were considered, absolutely suicide missions with no possible means of return. ESWATCorp had an unusually high rate of success and many of it's Spartans did survive. Then Lieutenant junior grade (LT-JG) ElderSuperset15 devised a series of relay diversionary actions that created such chaos for the Covenant forces that these tactics were implemented fleet wide.
    Implementation of new Achilles Armor MK-1 for ESWAT corporation was delivered on June 1, 2019. LT MASTER GRADE Gameon678, Commander John Xarrian gratefully thank you all for your continued hard work for the team.

    Requirements For Members:

    1. Before you can join ESWATCorp you have to resign from your current company
    2. Gold 3 or Higher
    3. Have played in the last 3 weeks, ARENA and WAR ZONE for at least 12 games, once is not going to cut it.
    4. Commendations of 52% or higher, even if your selling your req points it doesn't matter the 52% stays on.
    5. Have fun and help your team members.
    6. This is our DISCORD: ESWAT Tactical Talk
    7. If your doing great things, then there is less work to do. Keep doing it. To do nothing is to be nothing.
    Hey check out these other team members who are doing great things
    Daylex 024,
    I Vengxance I
    This is our DISCORD: ESWAT Tactical Talk

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Tamriel Outlaws

    93/100 Members
    Est. 11/3/2015

    Welcome to The Tamriel Outlaws. Unfortunately we are currently not accepting new Spartans.

    Members Join Our Discord!

    There's only one rule, stay active.

    Armor - 87%
    Helmet - 64%
    (As of 8/6/19 @ 0715 PST)


    Fireteam Outlaw (Locked)

    • Fireteam Leader - LT
    • Fireteam
    Aetius713 // xXAzrael45Xx // sweet00th66 // Cruise Bruiser
    FatGooseDump // RustBucket559 // mrchiefsmackaB


    Fireteam Commonwealth (Open)
    • Fireteam Leader - LT
    • Fireteam
    R4D14T1ON // awestpraftas201 // MasterChief7783 // laptopboy117
    STDGONWILD // X LeG1TxK1LLA X // BlueTeamSuck // Eltermy96 // LastR3negade04 //


    Fireteam Axios (Open)
    • Fireteam Leader
    • Fireteam
    FutureSaucer850 // SPIKER GUY DEAD // Valut boy 9 // Dragonfire15699 //



    Happy Hunting,
    The Tamriel Outlaws

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    HaloInfinite Mexico

    84/100 Members
    Est. 6/23/2019

    HaloInfinite Mexico esta buscando y reclutando Spartans dedicados al adiestramiento y perfección en el campo de batalla, listos para enfrentar y superar grandes retos que nos lleven siempre a la victoria, si eres un Spartan dedicado, este lugar es el indicado para ti. Se te ofrecerán distintas recompensas a lo largo de este duro entrenamiento, logrando el éxito en cada una de las grandes batalla de este universo Halo.

    Uno de nuestros principales objetivos es conseguir la armadura Aquiles, con la ayuda de nuestros valiosos miembros, y asimismo seguirnos preparando de cara a la siguiente entrega, Halo Infinite.

    Ser activo en el juego (Halo 5).

    CLUB EN XBOX: Halo Infinite Mexico
    PÁGINA DE FACEBOOK: HaloInfinite Mexico

    • Se ha creado el grupo de WhatsApp para que todos los miembros estemos en constante comunicación para tratar todos los temas relacionados a la compañía.

    • Se realizarán partidas de entrenamiento para la mejora continua de todos los miembros.

  8. Spartan Company Emblem

    Breaker Company

    80/100 Members
    Est. 10/19/2015

    Join a community of fellow game breakers and glitchers! We're just an informal collection of folks playing Halo, but we're good at what we do. If you want to meet some folks who will play Arena, Warzone, or another game, Halo or otherwise, with you, please join up and post in our forums. We welcome just about everyone, as long as you play nice! We are always accepting new members who'd love to be part of a great community! You won't be able to get the helmet or armor anymore through us, but we'd still love to meet folks looking for a good time and a laid-back approach to gaming and life in general! Request to join today!

    Update! We have obtained Achilles armor as of 3/24/16, and, finally, we have obtained the Achilles helmet as of 3/4/17! It's been a great year and a half! I hope to see Breaker continue to be awesome as always!

  9. Spartan Company Emblem


    20/100 Members
    Est. 7/28/2019

    Anarchy was once one of the three houses in Chaos legion/ Aleria but due to the merge with Sentinel Anarchy has decided to splt of and become its own clan. we are a clan that looks to organise events with others in hopes of making the community a better and more engaging place. disrespect us, we will not tolerate it at all, assist us and build a good relationship? we will aid you in your efforts. if you are interested in joining this future clan super power, message FR3NZY FPS. you must have a discord to join as thats where our events and discussions are held.
    Welcome to the anarchy family everyone. "Embrace the anarchy"

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