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    The sum is greater than the parts. In Progress. Get all the kill/destroy commendations to level 5

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  3. ESWATCorp | Spartan Companies

    Essential Specialized Weapons And Technologies Corporation it was created by the Office of Naval Intelligence SECTION 13. (ONI) This front company was assigned to gather information on resistance forces before the Covenant War. ESWAT corporate ships were used as clandestine jump-off points for ODST missions then later changed the assignments over to the Spartans.

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  5. Swords of Sanghelios | Factions | Universe | Halo ...

    The first Swords of Sanghelios were a sworn brotherhood of Kaidons dedicated to the overthrow of a tyrannical Arbiter judge-king who ruled the continent of Qivro centuries before the Sangheili became a spacefaring species. Their story of brotherhood, loyalty, honor, and sacrifice continues to ...

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  1. Can he do it?

    Halo Infinite - Posted By YT Stargull On

    I think he can could but he wouldn't because he and Cortana are quite close.

  2. Would you be fine if Arbiter died in a knewer Halo game or even Halo Infinite (If he is in it). I personally really don't know how I would feel. Feel free to discuss down below and share your opinion on the topic above!

  3. Its just my opinion and yes playing it now with friends, and sometimes solo (unless you're good solo, recommend finding 4 people before going in ranked) it can be fun and is almost always intense. But in my opinion I think having it in social would...

  4. Out of those I pretty much prefer the standard Mark VI, though the order overall is influenced about which iteration the discussion is about. Do you mean the iteration of Mark VI will influence your overall decision of which one you prefer? The...

  5. I was thinking about halo infinite and saw someone mention a possible ending to halo 6, about The unsc vs cortanas army. But what do you think the army would be? Prometheans? Covenant?

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Noble Elementos

    82/100 Members
    Est. 2/25/2016

    Spartans. Human history's most elite military units. Trained from birth, To absolutely destroy all enemies within their grasp.
    Loyal, and strong, bonds stronger than the densest stars in the known universe, One single spartan is enough trouble, but an army is something no warrior in the battlefield wants to see. Loyalty and honor is our core principle, which gives us our power to dominate the warzone. Same as the spartans in history's past, comes with each victory.. glory to sparta. May the worthy stand by our side, and the weak suffer our wrath. Belief that we can win, Not because we believe it. But because we have a team of Champions, this company is based on a fully functioning military ranking system within our own group your skills and dedication will influence your ranks. We accept all who is willing to become great warriors. We encourage growth not only in halo but in life, disciplines that can carry over to your life, invaluable traits, never to quit. Even when impossible odds are thrown at us, with this belief. We simply give you the means to execute with precision. For communications is our greatest weapon. Fall in line. For victory, after victory. We hone our skills on the battlefield.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Leviathan Corporation

    100/100 Members
    Est. 7/2/2018

    Office of Naval Intelligence Founded: 2178.
    Affiliation: United Nations Space Command
    Navcom's Highcom Branch: UNSC Navy Type: Intelligence service Role:
    Fleet observation and analysis,
    -Clandestine reconnaissance
    -Advanced research
    Motto: Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant)
    Nicknames: Spooks.
    -Human-Covenant War
    -Great Schism
    -Post-Covenant War conflicts Commanders: Margaret Parangosky (25XX–255X) Serin Osman (255X—) The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI, commonly pronounced phonetically as /oʊni/) is the intelligence service of the UNSC Navy. Overtly, the agency is merely the information gathering and analysis division of the UNSC Naval Command. In reality, the operations of the Office of Naval Intelligence are far broader than simple intelligence gathering.ONI has become known for their preeminent role in the acquisition and leveraging of military intelligence. The agency is widely known for using subterfuge, deception, and manipulation in defense of humanity in order to accomplish its goals. Additionally, the Office of Naval Intelligence employs numerous special projects, such as the SPARTAN programs, Project: MJOLNIR, and the investigation of Forerunner sites—the most notable of which is Trevelyan.

    The Leviathan Corporation is the First and Largest PVP Office Of Naval Intelligence Clan Established Initially on Halo 2, in 2004.

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Sellout Boys

    100/100 Members
    Est. 11/25/2015

    Attention: The Sellout Boys already have the body armor of Achilles, so new members will not get it from this company.
    All Commendations are on Level 5 or Completed
    Current Helmet Progress: (28/31 Commendations Completed)

    Sponsored by actually everyone, including you! Join our company, we need Achilles. To join all you have to do is play the game on a regular basis. We don't care if you are good or bad, just join or we are going to cryber. Everyone is welcomed, play alone or with other company members we don't care. Members should be active on waypoint at least to see our progress and to see if any other members of the company are looking for members to join up and play together. So please join. We are lonely. Also our company leader ProAceJOKER is bad, so at all cost kill/betray him in games.

    For the memes:
    🦍🔫⚰ Are you a real Spartan? Uh well technically......NAAAH. Have you ever killed an alien, like a real covenant? NAH. Have you ever tried to shoot? NAH NAH. Alright I can see that I will have to teach you how to be Spartans.

    We Are Number One Discord - Most of the lieutenants are active here. Be sure to tell an officer that you are a halo player, so that we can add you to the halo channel.

    ProAceJoker's discord

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    1/100 Members
    Est. 5/31/2016

    #1 Spartan Company in both HCS playlist and Team Arena (7/31/2016 - 7/19/2019)

    Documentation available to prove all claims

    Leader: Teamy (or his alternate accounts)

    Date established: 5/31/2016

    Date concluded: 7/19/2019 (Teamy had upcoming long-term commitments)

    Members as of 7/19/2019:
    Ac7ionMan 4EVER
    aNoob GV
    Arby 4g
    AW KuRupT
    Bad Guy Dajn
    BigJack Faux
    Bland x
    Cruel Concept
    Devon Carries
    Divine Nucleear
    Dread Takedown
    FireFly Blains
    Fuzzy Gloves
    Fz Steevix
    ghoul vii
    Guardian DR
    Gunhavok xx
    H3 SicKShot
    I am Roy
    I Envy Il
    iBall x ToXsiK
    Jam i am
    JuiceBox 4oz
    lnsained Kw
    lts Name
    MF JNR
    MG Kiiing
    MimiC LJ
    N3o sG
    Ninja is Risen
    Phcenix 1
    Phil the Pirate
    Raw Results
    Rusty 4s
    SaL SJG
    Shadows Hyper
    Shadows Legit
    SHAME Kills All
    Swifty Swiss
    Tribal CA
    Triggers OP
    Whiskers Purrrs
    xl TuRoK

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