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  1. Smartglass?

    Halo 4 - Posted By xXx orange On

    Ok I keep hearing people talking about Smartglass, what is it? Thanks.

  2. Smartglass

    General Discussion - Posted By smileyken On

    Does anyone know when it comes out.

  3. smartglass issue

    Halo 4 - Posted By Guest On

    Hi. I have a Nokia lumia 800, with windows 7 system on it. I have smartglass, but if I try and use

  4. exclusive. if not what would you guys thing would smartglass be able to do?

  5. Smartglass help

    Halo 4 - Posted By StalinsEpicTash On

    How do I get smartglass to work with halo 4? I load it up while playing and it just has a picture

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