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  1. Armored Federation | Spartan Companies

    Armored Federation "Defend. Advance. Achieve." 16. Members. 10/19/2015. ... Have Kik Messenger /and/ Xbox SmartGlass on your phone / mobile device. Be a good player ...

  2. skatsa

    Halo 5 SmartGlass. 10/20/2015. bump --- anyone? or is Smartglass simply a fail. Go to last forum post; View All Forum Posts; All Badges. Feet First. Made your ...

  3. BUZZ MARTIAL ARTS | Spartan Companies

    Welcome Spartans to, BUZZ MARTIAL ARTS "Your place to Compete, Laugh and Play Halo" HISTORY: Founded in 2001. Dennis Buzis the creator and founder of Buzz Martial ...

  4. Hizashii

    - Must download Xbox SmartGlass Leadership Leader - BRYNER98 LT/Scheduling - xxTalisman ...

  5. Dyramic

    - Must download Xbox SmartGlass Leadership Leader - BRYNER98 LT/Scheduling - xxTalisman 2LT/Recruitment - Preliator14 ...

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  1. Smartglass?

    Halo 4 - Posted By xXx orange On

    Ok I keep hearing people talking about Smartglass, what is it? Thanks.

  2. Smartglass

    General Discussion - Posted By smileyken On

    Does anyone know when it comes out.

  3. smartglass functions

    Halo 4 - Posted By DropzOfCrimzon On

    Soooo....are there any other features for halo 4 on smartglass BESIDES stats and achievements?

  4. Android Smartglass

    Other - Posted By Lycan XIII On

    I just read that the Halo 4 app for Smartglass isn't available on Android phones. Is this a

  5. smartglass issue

    Halo 4 - Posted By Guest On

    Hi. I have a Nokia lumia 800, with windows 7 system on it. I have smartglass, but if I try and use

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Armored Federation

    17/100 Members
    Est. 10/19/2015

    Website | YouTube | Facebook

    The Armored Federation is a Military Based which originally established on March 2nd, 2015 back on the Master Chief Collection. Our clan holds a very friendly environment to all of our members and others beyond the clan. Our goal is to strive as a clan, enjoy every moment we create together, and perhaps make a name for ourselves. Together, we are as close as a family.

    Within the Armored Federation, we give our members a choice of where they want to be placed in the clan. We are consistent of an Army, and an Air Force.

              • Army: The Army is our conventional line of force, it will always be on the ground, fighting as a cohesive unit. Precision and Communication are very crucial things to possess. It is often for our Army dedicate themselves in achieving ground control in any type of situation. (Color Uniform: Primary - Coal, Secondary - Wheat)
              • Air Force: Our Air Force is our league of prestigious pilots, people within the division are trained and work to excel on the ground, but also in the air. The Air Force is to provide communication to the Army, as they are literally our eyes and voices in the sky. (Color Uniform: Primary - Gun Metal, Secondary - Lapis)

    Clan Activities:
    The clan has a broad spectrum of activities that we rely upon for the sake of having fun and being together as a clan, some things may or may not be familiar by the typical player.
              • Game Night
              • Clan Raids / Warfare (Competing against another military clan like ours.)
              • Warzone / Pursue Company Commendations
              • Video Directing (Making YouTube Videos)
              • Training
              • Forge (Clan-wide sessions)
              • Arena

    Requirements to Enlist:
              • Be at least thirteen years of age.
              • Be active on XBL and Halo 5, and capable of getting on whenever called upon.
              • Possess a working headset.
              • Have Kik Messenger /and/ Xbox SmartGlass on your phone / mobile device.
              • Be a good player. (Polite, Friendly, and Helpful.)
    Chain of Command:
    1. (ARCH) Arkavex (Archon // Clan Leader)
    2. (ASTR) Crazy GMD Drae (Army Strategos // Division Commanding Officer)
    3. (CPT1) xXShadowXking41 (Captain)
    4. (LT02) Kaine Mar

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    10/100 Members
    Est. 12/30/2015

    Welcome Spartans to, BUZZ MARTIAL ARTS
    "Your place to Compete, Laugh and Play Halo"

    HISTORY: Founded in 2001.
    Dennis Buzis the creator and founder of Buzz Martial Arts, aka "BMA91" gamertag has been playing and competing in Halo since 2001 with the original Halo game Combat Evolved on Xbox. BMA91 has competed in many local tournaments in Halo 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Competed in the 2012 Halo 4 Online World Championships and now presently competing in the 2016 Halo World Championships. BMA91 is a Major League Gamer and is a Premium member.
    Check out BMA91

    GAMES: The system is Xbox One, and the games are Halo 5: Guardians & The Master Chief Collection. Here are the favorites,
    • -COMPETITIVE ARENA=For those of you that want to level & medal up high. Our playlists are Free For All, Team Slayer, Team Swat, and Doubles.
    • -WARZONE=Taking the company to the War Zone and just having fun while leveling up and of course winning to unlock cool stuff.
    • -CUSTOM GAMES= Online/Local Tournament & Friendlies. The Buzz Martial Arts Tournaments will be held either weekly on weekends or Monthly on weekends and cool prizes will be awarded. Members of Spartan Company get to compete for free and have a chance to win prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Our Friendly matches are for practice and bragging rights only. Local tournaments will only be held at the Buzz Martial Arts Dojo in New York.
    • -OLD SCHOOL=Buzz Martial Arts Spartan company takes it back with THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION and will hold online and local Tournament & Friendlies with Halo games 1 thru 4. Our Favorite is Halo 2.
    • -CAMPAIGN=Based on Halo 5 & The Master Chief Collection, the games will be about Solo Challenges in campaign, Unlocking Achievements, also Coop challenges, and team coop challenges.

    GOALS: Here are the Goals for The Buzz Martial Arts Spartan Company,
    -Courtesy to all team members.
    -Be Competitive
    -Have Fun

    RULES: To be a member of the Buzz Martial Arts Spartan Company, each member must follow these rules,
    1-Members must follow the 3 Goals above
    2-Members must be 18 years of age and up. Anyone UNDER AGE MUST have parent's permission to play Halo with us by email.
    3-Members must be active with the team at least once a week by playing games in Halo 5 or The Master Chief Collection with members of the Spartan Company
    4-Members must take part in our tournaments once a month.
    5-Members that cannot attend weekly games or monthly tournaments must message the Buzz martial Arts company in advance as a sign of Courtesy to the team.
    6-Members must check their messages and must respond at least before the week is over, by Sunday.
    7-Members can choose to communicate with mic or message on Xbox one during games. But during competitive team events, members must use mic to communicate with the team.
    8-Members must complete games when entering with the team. No Quitting, idling, backing out while playing with the team.
    9-Members must be ranked in and have medals in these playlists=Free For All, Team Slayer, Team Swat
    10-Members must have a level rating of 20 or higher.

    TOURNAMENT AND GAMEPLAY SCHEDULES: In order to coordinate tournaments and gameplay schedules I will email you thru Halo waypoint and thru your Xbox One messages. Download the free Xbox Smartglass app on your phone. This way you can get Xbox messages with times and dates right on your phone!


  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    Reclaimers of Rome

    11/100 Members
    Est. 1/10/2016

    This is the official Spartan company of RoR. As there can only be 100 members in a Spartan Company, it is not mandatory to join this Spartan Company to be an official member of the Reclaimers of Rome gaming community/clan. Please feel free to check us out at Message RoR Darth Revan or any other RoR member on Xbox Live for recruitment.

    Reclaimers of Rome Rules of Engagement:
    I. You must read and agree to the RoR Rules of Engagement, and sign up on the website before becoming an official member of RoR.
    II. No poaching members from any other gaming communities or clans.
    III. No teabagging (no bodies need to be present), shooting dead bodies, or bashing dead bodies.
    IV. Do not disrespect any person, even if they are not a member of RoR. Remember, as a member of RoR, you represent the entire community.
    V. Keep cussing to a minimum in practice and public lobbies.
    VI. All members must be 16 years of age or older.
    VII. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed in RoR. Support your team to the best of your ability, play the objective, don't rage quit a game, and absolutely no team killing on purpose.
    VIII. All members are accountable for their own actions. RoR leaders are not responsible if you break the rules.
    IX. If you have ideas, questions, comments or concerns, please use the chain of command. If you do not know your chain of command, look at the bio on the CEN tag you added when you were recruited. If you are on Xbox One, you may need to use Xbox One smartglass to veiw the entire CEN tag bio.
    X. No favoritism when promoting or demoting members. You cannot promote or demote a person you are in a relationship with without having it approved by your higher ups.
    XI. When summoned to a party by a higher up, you must reply ASAP, even if you don't get along with that person well.
    XII. No parties or private chats during practice unless invited to one by an Optio or above.
    XIII. No cheating, hacking, game or system tampering.
    XIV. No modded controllers in practice or tournaments.
    XV. Discrimination will NOT be tolerated and may get you kicked from DEG immediatly.
    XVI. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated, sexual or not.
    XVII. No double clanning. If you intend on being a part of RoR, you may only be in RoR, and no other clan or gaming community on the XBL services.
    XVIII. Please no music, or soundboards played through your headset during practice.
    XIX. Attend at least 2 practices per week preferably more if able. If you are an officer (Evocatus and above) you may be asked to attend more. If you have to go somewhere, and cannot attend your 2 practices a week for a period of time, you have to request leave of absence. Use the chain of command!
    XX. Please keep noise to a minimum so that all can be heard especially when the host or officers are trying to say something important.
    XXI. If a leader in RoR asks you to do something that violates the RoR Rules of Engagement, it is your duty to kick that leader out of the lobby immediately and report them to their higher up. If that leader is the host, simply ask every other member to leave the game, even if it is durring practice, and invite them to a new game/practice. *Note: DO NOT FOLLOW ANY ORDER THAT VIOLATES THE RECLAIMERS OF ROME RULES OF ENGAGEMENT OR YOU WILL BE DISCIPLINED.
    XXII. No flirting in practice. You may however use affectionate names such as "Honey" for a person you are in a relationship with, just keep it to a minimum.
    XXIII. Always have fun! No members of RoR should have to sacriffice their fun even when they become high ranking members. This is after all a GAMING community. Remember however that even if you think it's fun to disrespect another person, it is not fun for them.