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  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achilles17

    100/100 Members
    Est. 2/25/2016

    Hello and welcome! We Need Achilles17 is ROSTER-LOCKED, which means we are no longer accepting any new applicants for any reason whatsoever. Requests to join will be rejected, and direct messages to Company leadership will be ignored.

    Company Rules and Requirements:

      <ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered">
    1. Must be active in Halo 5, playing at least 150 minutes per week (Firefight games do not count towards the 150). We track this and will check every Sunday night at 8 PM GMT. Players who do not meet requirements two weeks in a row will be kicked without notice. Players with less than 75 minutes of Warzone/Arena playtime will be removed without warning after the weekly playtime inspection.
    2. Check Halo Waypoint at least once a week for important company info.
    3. Please join the We Need Achilles Discord server (see company forums for details). Group up using Discord! Progress speeds up when you guys team up!
    Armor Completion: 100% (Earned June 10, 2016)
    Helmet Completion: 98.28%
    Last Updated: 1/15/17 12:55 PM CST

    This is the Seventeenth Company created for the We Need Achilles movement. We Need Achilles. Achilles is our lifeblood. Without Achilles, we will die. If you're like us, then you too need Achilles. Join one of our companies, and together we will forge a path to unlock this damn armor and move on with our lives.

    Link to the official subreddit is here (click). Please use this to communicate with our fellow We Need Achilles members in arms and keep up-to-date in all WNA news!

    The link to the official We Need Achilles Discord chat, which is used by all 21 WNA companies, can be found in the company forum! We ask all members to please use this, it is a fantastic tool to find other players to team up with for some cooperative action!

    We Need Achilles State of the Companies (Links to all companies can be found here!)

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    AG Achilles

    100/100 Members
    Est. 11/13/2016

    90% complete
    HELMET: 35% complete
    [These percentages are updated every week]
    Last Updated 01/14/2017

    Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender! Go spread the word.
    Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!

    If you're like us, then you will stop at nothing to attain the Achilles set. AG Achilles is the best Community dedicated to unlocking the Achilles Armor Set with over 500 members! We use a very advanced API to track progress to ensure each player gets the most of the grind.We, like you, seek to achieve Achilles through playing the game and not by exploits.

    ___________________________________________Rules & regs for AG Achilles______________________________________________________________

      • It is a company wide obligation to either download the Discord app and/or visit the Discord website on joining, you want to stay connected, communicating with other players and find a team? Then jump in the chat!
      • Achieve a Spartan Rank (SR) of at least 70+ (it helps show activity & commitment), if you apply and are below this level, it proves you haven't even read our requirements and are not reliable; it's not a tall order.
      • Have a KD of at least 1.0, Achilles is about getting kills and as such a certain standard is required.
      • Not mandatory but a personalized message helps upon application however there's no need to boast as we can see your service record.
      • Following company policy, please be active on a weekly basis. We require all members of the company to complete a mininum of 300 minutes of game time per week, this does not include Forge or Custom Games as these do not contribute anything towards commendations. Members who cannot commit time and be active will receive a warning before further action is taken if a member is found to remain inactive. As such we ask if you give us a heads up about you absence, we cannot read minds, we too are human. Posting on our absence thread here is a must as leadership make it a priority to review this page before making any booting/warning decisions. (REMEMBER YOU CAN ALSO BE REMOVED FOR NOT MAKING ANY COMMENDATION PROGRESS)
      • We do have tools available to us to monitor activity and we will be keeping on top of members abusing the system, we want Achilles as much as everyone else so we don't have time for people looking to piggy back on everyone else's efforts.
      • Keep up to date with company & community networking through Discord.
      • Respect other members, there is a zero tolerance on flaming & trolling other AG members in the forums and in game. Members abusing the friendly environment we have created will receive an infraction before being removed from the company.
    AG is a community of 6 other Spartan Companies! We look forward to welcoming you to the company and the bigger community as a whole, Come check out the companies main community hub's discord: ★>>> https://discord.gg/8zumKUU<<<★ click you know you want to.

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    99/100 Members
    Est. 7/18/2016


    If you are looking to apply, please include the following info (The first 3 does not decide whether you get in):

        • What former companies have you been in?
        • Why do you want to join? (Joining just for Achilles is ok)
        • Are you an Assault (Rushing the enemies in their side of the map) or Containment (hold down an area and kill enemies) player? (pick the one you mostly use)
        • What level are you? (Minimum level 90)
        • What is the highest arena rank you've ever been and what playlist? (Minimum Platinum)
      • What's your warzone win percentage? (Minimum 50%)
    Doing any of the following will result in rejection:
    • Not answering the questions and sending your own request.
    • Sending the preset join request message.
    • Asking for an exception even though you got the game on Christmas.
    • Calling us a "clan". We are a Spartan Company, not a clan.

    We do have a second company branch that is more forgiving when it comes to requirements. If you are looking to join, send a request and message Ultra Banshee telling him that you've sent a request to join. The name of the company is Adamantium.

    Looking for a mix of a casual and competitive experience in Halo? Look no more! Adamant is a Company formed upon the belief that every member should be free to do as they like, while always having other members to play with if they so choose.

    We have a mix of casual, laid-back and competitive players. We also have a live Discord chat, which is also available to those who wish to be a part of Adamant but don't want to/can't leave their current company (which you should join us anyways).

    The goal of this Company is to develop into a strong community of casual and competitive Halo players. The only rules are to be respectful and, of course, have fun! Unless you're playing with Ultra Banshee or Divinity, then "If you're not drenched in sweat, you're doing it wrong!" - Ultra Banshee, 2016

    In case you are wondering, Adamant is a reincarnation of Fireteam Adamant, which is today known as Lithium.

    Upon joining, be sure to add these gamertags:

    See you on Halo!

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    House of Legends

    88/100 Members
    Est. 10/26/2015

    Everyone is now able to join our official Xbox Club "The House of Legends" just request to join! :)

    Now Accepting Applications! Please Read Before Requesting to join!
    Before you apply to join. As we continue to grow as a Spartan Company the requirements to join and be considered are raised. As of this update all applicants must have a minimum K/D of 1.0 and or at least a gold in ALL-TIME TOP CSR to be considered this does not mean you will be accepted, we will review applicants Service Record before accepting or declining applicants usually a day process

    Please follow us on our new Instagram Page @The.House.Of.Legends once you are accepted in you are welcome to send us videos/Pictures for us to share on our Instagram page.

    When the ground trembled and destruction loomed Six men emerged from the rubble and answered the call.
    Founder and General : xTEXAS LEGENDx // TEXAS SLUGGA
    Colonel: Losoyathegreat
    Colonel: SEALs009
    Lieutenant Colonel: LAxQUICKSHOTZ
    Lieutenant Colonel: RAVISH orphans
    Sergeant Major of House of Legends: SonOfFreedom xx

    Major: sqirelpikeruper
    Captain: SinfulCherry

    Lieutenant: hammer55down
    Lieutenant: XGC Wonder
    Lieutenant: jtp03
    Lieutenant: ZEPLIN MODZZ 88

    Sergeant: VooDoo Breaux
    Sergeant: FalseCornet9735
    Sergeant: dracon rey
    Sergeant: Vammped
    Sergeant: thundurus x
    Sergeant: Redizah
    Sergeant: ClutChTaStRoPh3

    Corporal: SpacingRug470
    Corporal: FlyAunt7584
    Corporal: BLOOD CRANE
    Corporal: ShadowKing1170
    Corporal: winterandgreg
    Corporal: xXJhonetheXx
    Corporal: burgerluver26
    Corporal: Davey Dav
    Corporal: xhardluck
    Corporal: SexxxyWalrus
    Corporal: BurlyFire405
    Corporal: BlearyPaladin19
    Corporal: oPADFOOTo
    Corporal: GamingEagle123
    Corporal: II RainCl0ud II
    Corporal: DarkJediRelyt
    Corporal: ThrustCrown424
    Corporal: Douland Lin
    Corporal: xI SteveZ Ix

    First Class Private: guasonalan
    First Class Private: da shane7
    First Class Private: dEEyLoO14
    First Class Private: galanthe
    First Class Private: Groggyy
    First Class Private: ndngaming2
    First Class Private: Fly Rye Mr G5
    First Class Private: CrookzNBandits
    First Class Private: DGR69
    First Class Private: Necromancer II

    First Class Private: Luckyy 71
    First Class Private: xXDarkmijolXx
    First Class Private: lkreazzzZ
    First Class Private: NobleLeek7901
    First Class Private:
    First Class Private:
    First Class Private: Andrew 17945

    Private: YoloAzul
    Private: CadetGaming
    Private: BALLER GOD7689
    Private: Xx Mad X Max xX
    Private: doritosyum
    Private: KoolAIDkid100
    Private: LogicalMusic962
    Private: piibeeleeoos95
    Private: KarstenVEC
    Private: gamer girl448
    Private: VnCo Crypto
    Private: K1NG OF PSYCHOS
    Private: FadedxVibez
    Private: YOUR DADDY13125
    Private: Mvttrix
    Private: Monk3N
    Private: NaZolo
    Private: lnzider z
    Private: LogicalMusic962

    Recruit: youtalkinglame
    Recruit: TBAWellMoeX
    Recruit: c0n3j0 X
    Recruit: IsAaC MaDrId 17
    Recruit: deadeyewraith21
    Recruit: SpartanVale1176
    Recruit: laggyleviathan
    Recruit: sus cuban

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    The WolfPack

    91/100 Members
    Est. 10/19/2015

    Info: We are a company of mature friends that enjoy playing with others.We mostly play Halo 5 currently along with other Halo games and random games. If you are looking to find a fun group to play with, then keep reading. We already have the Achilles so don't join looking for that.


    -18+ years old. We want mature players.
    -Active players looking to play with other people
    -Communicate and play with other members frequently
    -Check your messages on waypoint and discord and be a part of the community
    -Player skill and KDA ratios are not a major concern to us

    Include in your Request to Join:
    -Your Reasoning for wanting to be a part of the company
    -Your time zone and when do you typically play and for how long you play
    -Why you would like to join the pack and our community
    -Please read our full description and include anymore information you want

    Reasons you may want to join:
    -We are very established with different Social Medias and ways to keep members involved
    -We are a great group that promote team play and playing together as a pack
    -Skill isn't a major concern of ours. If you are a less skilled player and want a good group to play with, then we are that group
    -If you are tired of lone wolfing Halo then this is the Pack for you
    -It is highly recommended that you join our discord server for the best social experience

    Achilles Completion Dates:
    31/31 Rank 3 Completed: April 2, 2016- Last Completed was First Strikes
    31/31 Rank 5 Progress: January 15, 2017- Last Completed was Marine Kills

    Social Media:
    Discord - A group chat for our members to talk about Halo, grouping up, or random things. It's a great place to meet our members. Ask BlurrySolutions or iKuma for the link to join or view the forum post
    YouTube- We post member game clips on our channel for everyone to see. Talk to Blurry or Kuma if you might have a clip to upload on the channel. Subscribe to see new content
    Twitter- Our twitter is @HaloWolfPack. We post updates on the company, polls, and news. Drop a follow
    Instagram- Our Instagram is @HaloWolfPackClan. We post cool pictures on there about Halo and the company
    TheWolfPackHalo- The company's Xbox account that has every member as a friend and sends messages to members periodically
    Xbox Club- Our Xbox is "The WolfPack Halo" Join to take part in the lfg, chat, etc.

    We have 5 active members of our leadership. We all work together to make the decisions for the company and have different tasks to keep everything smoothly running. Contact us with any issues and message if you see us online and want to play.
    TWP WolfMan- Leader of the Pack
    Easy going and loves to play with groups. Makes sure we are all having a good time and controls vital clan functions.
    BlurrySolutions- Social Manager
    Manages our Social Media pages, YouTube, the company's account and Discord server. Enjoys playing fun custom games.
    iKuma- Content Creator
    He made the intro and channel art for our YouTube and plans on creating more sweet content in the future. He also manages the company Discord server.
    TWPVendableWolf and Kissifer91313- Miscellaneous Tasks
    They are husband and wife and have been apart of the company from the start. They enjoy just having a good laugh and playing with friends. They help keep everyone in line.
    RIP Donny/ NH DDiesel- 5/25/2016: You will be missed and will forever have a special place in our hearts. You are in a better place now. <3 <3
    "The strength of the wolf is in the pack, the strength of the pack is in the wolf."

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    Mark V

    100/100 Members
    Est. 12/22/2016

    A New Spartan Company if you are Active or Not you won't be kicked, Ranks in the Company there is.
    To Rank up just play when you can your Activity Matters if you want a High Rank

    Founder: Acmaster256
    Leader: Acmaster256
    Mark V Mastery:
    Mark V:
    Mark V Prophet:
    Mark V Prophet:
    Mark V Prophet:
    Mark V Sacred General:
    Mark V Chieftain:
    Mark V Noble:
    Mark V General:
    Mark V Brigadier:
    Mark V Colonel:
    Mark V Commander:
    Mark V Lt Colonel:
    Mark V Council:
    Mark V Council:
    Mark V Council:
    Mark V Honor Guard:
    Mark V Honor Guard:
    Mark V Honor Guard:
    Mark V Honor Guard:
    Mark V Major:
    Mark V Officer:
    Mark V Sergeant:
    Mark V Corporal: Branthezombie1
    Mark V Recruit:
    General: GTC788
    General: OperatorARSON
    Brigadier: NerdyPanda72
    Brigadier: xLOBO47x
    Colonel: alligator1453
    Colonel: ERR0R117
    Commander: RedShadow221
    Commander: TheLM02
    Lt Colonel: Cii Mii
    Lt Colonel: DJVirten
    Lt Colonel: Infecinous
    Lt Colonel: Rockster1175
    Lt Colonel:
    Lt Colonel:
    Lt Colonel:
    Lt: SuperRektM8
    Lt: BraggestSumo95
    Major: GeneralWolf1987
    Major: fallen ninja6
    Major: Zerge ScreAIMer
    Sergeant Major: Xswagerkiller
    Sergeant Major: BKKE ghost
    Sergeant: Doublemonkey109
    Sergeant: HALONINJA001
    Sergeant: l Amazin l
    Sergeant: FLAMING EAGL3 1
    Sergeant: st0jimi
    Sergeant: putsomegreenone
    Officer: A90 Proticol 7
    Officer: UNSC Spartan XV
    Officer: cjones2520
    Warrent Officer: Khangx
    Warrent Officer: PUNS AGUER0
    Warrent Officer: Elite Warrier
    Warrent Officer: TheColdSpartan
    Corporal: dark soul boy
    Corporal: SoulBuzzard422
    Corporal: FlushestChimera
    Corporal: AttanoStudios17
    Private: Toxic Void4200
    Private: Theonlyezak
    Private: MetalArcher2401
    Private: DARK SNIPR LORD
    Private: HackerGirlKasey
    Private: alexxavierr5
    Jr Captain: Abigbuds
    Jr Captain: StarWars2210
    Jr Captain: FaDe Sn0w
    Jr Captain: juserni 7 00 23
    Jr Captain: zillagamerz3434
    Jr Captain: willhunt4food78
    Jr Sergeant: Mumbiaz
    Jr Sergeant: MasterChief9984
    Jr Sergeant: PoJ Narcissism
    Jr Sergeant: Sir Indiana
    Jr Officer: Marooniac4300
    Jr Officer: daniel1412042
    Jr Officer: AttanoStudios17
    Jr Corporal: Soldier9567
    Jr Corporal: Darkslayer715
    Jr Corporal: JOKER y HARLY
    Jr Corporal: FizzyKnight6847
    Jr Private: LegendGM18
    Jr Private: BGKX
    Jr Private: BLACKOPZ6
    Jr Private: VL4DIMIR1
    Jr Private: slay3rjake00
    Jr Private: xNZ PAINx
    Jr Private: LordLuke324
    Jr Private: MetroSnake12
    Jr Private: Dark Davy Jones
    Jr Private: redreaction
    Jr Private: NerdyLemon12
    Jr Private: SpartanRWBY
    Jr Private: CanofGreatness
    Jr Private: ZoneyScissors3
    Jr Private: Darkathus
    Jr Private: Alemacias90
    Jr Private: Arcon Fury
    Jr Private: rubikscubed03
    Jr Private: hangry turtle
    Jr Private: ThadLinton17
    Jr Private: Ghosterize
    Jr Private: CRAIG SCOTT 9
    Jr Private: Cr1stiano R0nal
    Jr Private: guillesteban117
    Jr Private: JokeDarwyn
    Jr Private: kill3r2299
    Jr Private: CrispyTag716431
    Jr Private: WolfKingAlpha16
    Jr Private: Thenon
    Jr Private: FuturePlains350
    Jr Private: Radriar2534
    Jr Private: GracedAmoeba457
    Jr Private: XDeadxGalaxiezX
    Jr Private: xxXHALO3FANXxx
    Jr Private: FATCAKE61
    Jr Private: mexicanpenguin2
    Jr Private: SirGummyWorm
    Jr Private: BlitheHippo080
    Jr Private: bbo1009
    Jr Private: VaN HeLsInG2112
    Jr Private: Tails9711
    Jr Private: CalmDown78
    Jr Private: xRenegadeEdge

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achi11es

    99/100 Members
    Est. 1/24/2016

    We Need Achilles. Achilles is our lifeblood. Without Achilles, we will die.

    Our Current Goal:ACHILLES ARMOR
    To unlock Achilles we need to meet two goals.
    Armor: UNLOCKED
    Helmet: Reach Rank 5 Kill Commendations
    The requirements for each kill commendation can be found HERE
    Our current kill commendation progress can be found HERE

    If you're like us, then you too need Achilles. Join one of our companies, and together we will forge a path to unlock this damn armor and move on with our lives,
    unless of course 343 makes more company unlocks in which case we will shift towards unlocking that as well.

    If you send a default message your request will be ignored. Please place your messages in the join request. Do not send personal messages to leadership, if you do your request will be rejected. We are looking for people that are willing to be an active participant in our community.

    An SR rank of 50 or higher is best, a KD close to 1.00, and at least 3,000 kills. We are a community of players, so communication is encouraged! New members must put in 120 minutes per week in game modes that assist us in earning the helmet for the first two weeks. More information will be provided to members accepted into the company.

    It is extremely recommended that members get on discord so we can better communicate. A link to it will be provided upon acceptance to the company.

    We Need Achilles' official subreddit can be found here.

    WNA is a community of 21 Spartan Companies! Our hub can be found here!

  8. Spartan Company Emblem

    Enough Dead Heroes

    100/100 Members
    Est. 11/25/2016

    Hola amigos, Sean bienvenidos a esta compañía spartan Enough Dead Heroes esta compañía spartan se creo con la finalidad de poder obtener la armadura de Achilles, se busca que los jugadores jueguen en equipos, con los miembros que se encuentren conectados que sean de la compañía, para asi conseguir rápidamente las condecoraciones y obtener la armadura que todos quisiéramos tener, Hablamos español. A continuación se les mostrara algunos puntos importantes que se deben seguir:

    1. al entrar a la compañía, nuestro emblema es Tiro ala cabeza (Es obligatorio tenerla siempre y cuando se juegue con compañero de la compañía, si no se esta jugando en equipo con algún compañero, puedes cambiar al emblema que quieras)
    2. Al entrar, mandar un mensaje ala compañía proporcionando su numero telefónico, para añadirlo al grupo de whatsapp y así poder ponerse mejor de acuerdo con otros compañeros para jugar (Opcional)
    3. de preferencia tener diadema (opcional) con esta el comunicarse en las partidas nos vuelve mas eficaces, cabe mencionar que no es obligatorio tenerla.
    4. Se juega de todo, desde arena clasificatoria, como arena social y zona de guerra.
    5. y ultimo punto, divertirse mucho, así que suerte compañeros y bienvenidos ala compañía.
    6. Grupo de watsapp :https://chat.whatsapp.com/2TpNuDf8noX3Ng1uaaXldj

    Alguna inconformidad o problema con alguien mas de la compañía comunicárselo al Líder o algún Teniente, los cuales se mencionaran a continuación:
    1. Capitán General (Lider) (JoseGordillo97) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/josemanuel.hernandez.718689 Whatsapp: +52 1 913-100-8132
    2. Coronel (SalvadorJer3214) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salvador.y.jeraldy?fref=ts Whatsapp: +52 1 222-635-4922
    3. Teniente Coronel (Imperity FEXANA) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MCBRFEXANA?ref=ts&fref=ts Whatsaap: +52 1 983-124-2639
    4. Comandante (apexz) Whatsapp: +52 1 961-335-6003

  9. Spartan Company Emblem

    Dark Legion and Raan

    100/100 Members
    Est. 2/22/2016

    We are a subsection of the Epsilon Fleet.
    Dedicated to the ideals of Decency, Dedication, and Sportsmanship. We have two rules in the clan:
    1) Respect the requests of commanding officers.
    2) Respect each other and be happy to learn and/or teach.
    We use these ranks; though they provide order, we teach respect and discipline, better than any rank can offer. Excellence will be rewarded, while failure will be corrected. The only leader is DERT ETHRAE (Warzone), although a majority of clan decisions are made democratically. The current Co-Leader is
    NOBODY! Need a new one! The current Co-Vanguards are Jman2010777 and ZealousAtlatl. During training and online matches, a tactical commander will be chosen. If you want change in the clan, message DERT ETHRAE. We require that you be an active player with a good microphone. We currently have an alliance with the Spartan Company 4th Recon Battalion; any other companies that would like to merge with us would have their leader promoted. Exceptional performance in the field will get you promoted.
    Army Ranks in Order
    Sergeant Major
    Warrant Officer
    Lieutenant General
    Navy Ranks in Order
    Seaman Recruit
    Petty Officer
    Chief Petty Officer
    Master Chief Petty Officer
    Chief Warrant Officer
    Rear Admiral
    Vice Admiral
    Air Force Ranks in Order
    Senior Airman
    Staff Sergeant
    Master Sergeant
    (Officer ranks are the same as Army)
    General: DERT ETHRAE
    Lieutenant General:
    Colonel: ZealousAtlatl
    Sergeant Major: Darkcrow32, LEGO Master1027, XzSantiagozX, Jman2010777, GnarledPython37, slom26
    Sergeant: bigbuff7, Crazybutts456, Ebriadh, Kenneth6844, ComicMusician32, ReaperGrimm69
    Corporal: OperaticStorm27, lil phuzzhead, RawF1L3S, WolfersSpirit13
    Private: xX Prophylaxis, TC SnIp3r x, Itsnelson117, Lufy, misterdarkhorse, blackmurderer08, ShadowVanguardX, FoRbIdDeNxTiMe, J0RDY1993, Xtreme N7, LittleChief121, RAMIREZ94DEUS, liam sniper7682, LAntho, MST Eddy Thomas, Penny Tw0 Pence, LittleGoomba57, FalconFast5255, Infinite Wraith, TheCenturion03, Jxnus, APKx Dynamite, KINGGtonio2353, Hopper Diggory

  10. Spartan Company Emblem


    43/100 Members
    Est. 1/12/2017

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