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117 Ways To Die

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Spartan Company Bio

117 Ways To Die is a large Halo community on Discord. Active across Xbox & PC, we play every Halo title with a focus on H5 & MCC. We’re a pretty chill group, with most of us being long time Halo players. This page is specifically for H5, but if you're a PC or MCC player don't panic! Click this link to our Discord Server! We'll get you setup in our Discord ASAP!

We’re not an Achilles grind company, but we are close the helmet. We’re a more laid back group. So if you just wanna chill & play some Halo, join us, you’ll fit right in!
  • With a Discord Server of 200+ gamers across Xbox & PC, you should always have someone to play with!
  • Active on both H5 & MCC, & we’re looking forward to Infinite!
  • We host multiple weekly play sessions!
  • A weekly drawing for platinum packs & several other giveaways!
  • Several contests & competitions with prizes!
  • We also have a large group of members helping grind to 152 before Infinite drops!
Achilles commendation progress below for those interested ⬇️
We do have a few rules listed below ⬇️
Everyone is welcome to join our DIscord Server, here's the link! If you have any questions please DM a leader listed below ⬇️

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo Wars 2Halo Wars 2
  • Halo WarsHalo Wars
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians