56th Battalion

56th Battalion

"Cave Tonitrum"





The Spartan Company needs 4 members to become active.

Spartan Company Bio

Halo Reach UNSC Military Clan

Introduction: The purpose of this clan is to bring together a group of avid Reach players who can get along and have fun. Truth is this clan may or may not become the most skilled clan. However, we can control our interactions with others and provide a model for other gamers on Halo. Our clan should operate with dignity, respect, and friendliness. Ideal members will be nice and respectful to all players irregardless of any characteristic whether it be the player's skill or their life choices, clan members will be kind and not destroy the fun of Halo Reach for other Halo fans. I hope that this clan will become skilled enough to have battles and friendly rivalries with other clans. The 56th Battalion takes its name, emblem and colors from a group of American WW2 Pilots who flew with distinction against Germany. These pilots were highly skilled and fierce, using tactics and teamwork that resulted in huge successes, with any luck the namesake will rub off. Just remember members that the reason for the 56th Battalion is to have fun and get together and play Reach often whether it be campaign, matchmaking, or custom games.

  • Microphone
  • Speak English
  • Mature and Friendly
  • Desire to Improve Skills
  • Work well in a team setting
  • Be able to take Constructive Criticism
  • Have a general understanding of Halo lore
Clan Rules
  • You DO NOT have to change armor color and armor, only thing you must change is your emblem
  • Please try to be attendance to as many clan functions as possible
  • Be Friendly and respectful of other clan members and random players (This only applies if the clan member has no just reason to be mean)
  • Do not take this super serious this is a game lets have fun remember that
  • Do not get carried away with the whole UNSC Military clan thing
  • No drama, rumors, talking behind others back's. If you have a problem with someone, respectfully and in a mature manner try to deal with it one on one. If you can not let a leader know, and they will help you
  • Rivalry between Clan members, Clan branches, and other clans will remain a friendly rivalry with the purpose to become friends and, to push people and make them better players, not to destroy each other and harass one another
  • Marines (General Infantry)
  • Army (General Infantry)
  • Air Force (Specialized Pilots of Both Banshees and Falcons. Make the most out of these vehicles to help win the game)
  • ODST (Overall good players, well rounded and capable with any weapon or vehicle)
  • SPARTAN IIs (Outstanding players, very skilled and lethal with any weapon or vehicle)
  • SPARTAN IIIs (Outstanding players, very skilled and lethal with any weapon or vehicle)
Immersion into the Halo lore or the Branch is up to the player, no player needs to change his/her armor in order to be apart of a Branch. However in order to fit in with the others in the branch it would probably be best to change the armor to what is being used by the rest of your branch.

Favorite Games

  • Halo: ReachHalo: Reach
  • Halo 3: ODSTHalo 3: ODST
  • Halo 3Halo 3