Above The Average

Above The Average

"Never Underestimate Yourself"





Spartan Company Bio

Above The Average is a Spartan Company dedicated to hardcore, competitive, team players that understand how important communication is while playing. We play competitive arena, game battles, and we play custom games as well.

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  1. You must be 17 years or older to be in Above The Average
  2. You must have a microphone and know how to communicate. If you don't know callouts then we will teach you.
  3. You must be active at least 4 days per week. If you're inactive from xbox live for more than a 10 day period, you will be removed from the company.(unless you inform us of your absence in advance.)
  4. You must be friendly to all members of the clan. It is totally okay to have fun and be competitive, but be constructive with clan-mates, don't get frustrated if someone isn't on your skill level. Share your knowledge with each other and learn from one another.
  5. We stream live when we play so you must act professional when we play.
  6. You must have achieved the rank of Diamond 4 or higher. If you drop below Diamond 4 you will have 1 week to regain Diamond 4 or higher.

    • Above the Average Leader: BRs and NADEs
    • Above The Average Captain: NA
    • Above The Average Lieutenant: NA

Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo 3Halo 3
  • Halo 2Halo 2