Blades Of The Swarm

Blades Of The Swarm






Spartan Company Bio

The Strength Of The Team Is In Each Individual Member...
The Strength Of Each Member Is In The Team.

Recruiter Of The Week:
  • Who ever get ROTW earns x2 Points until the next ROTW
  • We pick based on how many new recruits you recruited.
  • Leaders are not able to be picked for ROTW
  • The day we pick on is Tuesday! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Rules to join us
  • Be 13 or older
  • Understand that our uniform is mandatory
  • Respect the leaders decisions, we make em for a reason.
The Uniform Is A Wear At All Time Thing.

After joining us.
  • Keep track of your points, we will and cannot track them for you. This is a sign of trust, if you don't keep track you don't rank up!
  • Always wear your uniform. Right now our uniform is only a emblem, make sure you have your colors for your emblem as well.
  • Once you have chosen your Brood(Division) you cannot change it for 3 months.
  • Keep party chats PG friendly while younger members are in the party!
  • Any form of harassing will be delt with accordingly.
  • Suggestions are always welcome!
  • Try to recruit 1 new member a week, this is a recommendation nothing mandatory, so don't freak out.
  • Let us know when you are going to be inactive for more than 3 days!
Point System -After achieving the next rank your current points reset to 0.
|Example- Zergling(75 Points) ranking to Raptorling/Swarmling(100 Points)
|Once you reach Raptorling/Swarmling your point count resets to 0. You do not rank down from
-After finishing a game you are rewarded with: 5 Points
-Each Player kill is rewarded: 1 Point(s)
-Each Player assist(Spartan assist, PvP) is awarded: 0.5 Points
-Playing with a BOTS member in any team based gametype(BTB, WarZone FireFight, & WarZone/WarZone Assault) is rewarded: 1 Point(s) Per BOTS Member.
-Killing a Boss(Only Legendary & Mythic only. You must get the medal for killing the Boss) in WarZone & Fire Fight are rewarded with:
|15 Points (In WarZone)
|5 Points (In Firefight)
-If set member recruits a new member they are rewarded with: 10 Points
-If we unlock the Achilles Armor(Unlocked Via Spartan Company in halo Waypoint) everyone at the time that we unlock it that is an instant rank up.
|Unlocking the armor is rewarded with the armor and a instant rank up
|Unlocking the helmet is rewarded with the helmet and a instant rank up
-Participating in Clan Training is rewarded with: 5 Points
-Participating in a Clan v Clan Battle is rewarded with: 10 Points
-Participating in a Clan recruitment lobby(One a day): 5 Points
-Participating in a Clan v Clan training: 10 Points
-Completing A Company Commendation: 25 Points