"Impossible Missions Program "





Spartan Company Bio

Essential Specialized Weapons And Technologies Corporation (ESWATCorp) was created by the Office of Naval Intelligence SECTION 13. (ONI) This front company was assigned to gather information on resistance forces before the Covenant War. ESWAT corporate ships were used as clandestine jump-off points for ODST missions then later changed the assignments over to the Spartans. Most of the missions given by Section 13 were considered, absolutely suicide missions with no possible means of return. ESWATCorp had an unusually high rate of success and many of it's Spartans did survive due to Lieutenant Junior Grade (LT-JG) (code name: DishSoap 4743). His foresight and cunning devised a series of relay diversionary actions that created such chaos for the Covenant forces that these tactics were implemented fleet wide. Increasing survivability rate of these missions.
Implementation of new Achilles Armor MK-1 for ESWAT corporation was delivered on June 1, 2019. Commander John Xarrian would like to thank you all for your continued hard work for the team.

Requirements For Members:
  1. Before you can join ESWATCorp you have to resign from your current company
  2. Gold 3 or Higher
  3. Have played in the last 3 weeks, ARENA and WAR ZONE for at least 12 games, once is not going to cut it.
  4. Commendations of 52% or higher, even if your selling your req points it doesn't matter the 52% stays on.
  5. Have fun and help your team members.
  6. This is our DISCORD: ESWAT Tactical Talk
  7. If your doing great things, then there is less work to do. Keep doing it. To do nothing is to be nothing.
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Daylex 024,
This is our DISCORD: ESWAT Tactical Talk

Favorite Games

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