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Spartan Company Bio

ATTENTION: USE OUR CUSTOM APPLICATION IN OUR BIO! Applications that do not follow the application template's format below will not be viewed. Please understand that many requests will not get responses,although we do read all applications. We end up receiving 100+ requests daily when not at 100 members.

Welcome to the Home of our Company, Engine Inc!

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We are a company that prides itself in loyalty, dedication, and teamwork. Engine Inc. is a family, we ensure that no goal is too big and no person too small. Not only are we dedicated to achieve our goals, we are also a company full of willing and skillful players. Need help in Arena? We've got you covered. Need help in Warzone? Gotcha there too. Custom Games? Oh yeah. We are a combined force that will gladly welcome a player in need. But, this company isn't for the casual player. This company is a competitive group that has goals that are beyond that of Halo. While we still will help a friend in need, we also are only allowing a select group of players into this company.

We were one of the first 10 companies to unlock the Achilles armor (2/18/16).
We were the 12th company to unlock the Achilles helmet (5/16/16).

Company Motto:
"Loyalty above all else"
  • Public games: We dominate across the game on every battlefield, if you don't believe us then play with us. There will be next to no games we lose as a Company.
  • Organization and communication: We are most likely THE MOST organized Spartan Company out there in terms of Warzone organization and communication.
  • Mission: To be the best Spartan Company and provide the best experience to all our members.
  • Mission statement: To provide a challenging, well-balanced Halo experience which focuses on competitive and educational experiences in Arena and Warzone and further an understanding and appreciation of strategy and teamwork.
Entry Requirements:
  • 1.0 KDR(Kill Death Ratio)+
  • All time CSR Rank of Onyx or higher (Champion Preferred)
  • Active and use Waypoint
  • Download and Use DISCORD app
  • Speak communicable English (Sorry it's just necessary for team play. Potential exceptions.)
In order to join your application must use the following application (Default applications will be ignored)
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Spartan Level:
Arena KD:
Highest Arena Rank overall:
Highest Arena rank Last Season/Current Season:
Warzone KD:
Preferred play style (Slayer,OBJ, or Defense):
How did you hear about us?:
Why do you want to join?:
Why should we accept you?:
How active are you?:

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Favorite Games

  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians