Fireteam Reddit Gamma

Fireteam Reddit Gamma

"Bro. Do you even reddit? "





Spartan Company Bio

The seventh Spartan Company for r/Halo.
Gamma Company tag: FTRG
Reddit Fireteam Group includes:
Fireteam Reddit Alpha (FTRA)
Fireteam Reddit Beta (FTRB)
Fireteam Reddit Charlie (FTRC)
Fireteam Reddit Delta (FTRD)
Fireteam Reddit Echo (FTRE)
Fireteam Reddit Foxtrot (FTRF)
Fireteam RedditHalo
Reddit hub: please subscribe to to the Reddit FireteamHalo sub
***We seem to be having some problems with the Waypoint mail system so plan to get your info here and be sure to check out the info/news sticky in the private company forum***

Welcome to Gamma Company. Gamma company is FULL, at capacity, and ready to play some Halo 5!. More importantly the Reddit Fireteam group is almost 700 strong!!! Of course we will have Gamma company games, but something special we will be able to do is have games against other Reddit Fireteam companies.

  1. PLEASE subscribe to the reddit Fireteam subHERE. This will add another line of communication for you to access and it will make reddit Fireteam inter-company news much easier to get out.
  2. Gamma Company Forums. There is a private forum you can access that is just for this company. Please go check it out and check it out from time to time. Most important there will be a sticky (that is currently locked but may be unlocked in the future when the format is nailed down). This sticky will contain the more perminant information like regularly scheduled games. People have been posting introductions. They have been really amazing to read through so far. V3n0m15 and I have a couple polls up as well to determined what time zone most players are in and if the comapny would like to try and use a group chat app like GroupMe.
  3. Discord. This is a free chat service all ready set up for all 700 of us. We have /u/Paradoxide to thank for setting this up for us. No download needed. Very easy to use and it even has voice chat capabilities. There is a main lobby where all 700 can meet. Each company has their own room. We also have LFG rooms set up for to find Reddit Fireteam players for co-op, forge, ranked play, warzone, or whatever else. (You need the Discord invite link to get into the correct Reddit Fireteam server. That link is contained in the information sticky in the private company forum.)
  4. Please enter your information in the Gamma Company spreadsheet (link can be found in the private company forum info sticky). Thank you V3n0m15 for setting that up.
  5. Gamma Company games are tentatively scheduled for Friday nights (US Eastern time)
I will do my best to make this an active and fun company and offer competitive opportunists for those that prefer that.
Please remember to check the reddit Fireteam Halo sub so that you have an input on the reddit Fireteam Halo group and stay up to date on the reddit Fireteam-wide news.
Our Lieutenants (Say hello to them over on reddit and on Discord. They have done an amazing job hepling out not just Gamma but also getting the spread sheet and Discord service ready for all Fireteams)
1. V3n0m15
2. Oxidoreductase (Oxyd on discord)
3. TotalAnarchY

Favorite Games

  • Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHalo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians
  • Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo: Combat Evolved