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Spartan Company Bio

Achieved Achilles Helmet May 26, 2016.
We recently finished the infamous Achilles Grind!! That should tell you a lot about us.
If we are full at the time you apply, please request to join our 2nd Spartan Company: Game Tactrix 2x
We move players of skill into our main company if they meet the qualifications :)

2.0+ Warzone KD Ratio / 1.25+ Arena KD Ratio
ONYX+ Ranks
SR 100+
Be as active as possible so members have people to play with!
Participate and Communicate in Games and our Member Chat Groups!
If you don't currently meet a requirement, our second company Game Tactrix 2x is the place to apply!

Skillful, Communicative Teammates Available for any game mode!
Daily Arena & Warzone Lobbies!
Additional XP, REQ Packs, Commendations, Achievements, Badges, etc.
A community that is supportive of one another.
A fast track to rewards like the Achilles Helm!
If you still want the Achilles Armor, our second division Game Tactrix 2x is the place for you!

For those serious enough and willing to put in the time and effort Leadership Opportunities await!
We are currently looking for leaders who log a lot of hours, host lobbies and are very personable. Inquire for more info.

This is a very diverse group that has one thing in common; we play Halo 5! Game Tactrix is the fastest moving company out there! We got a late start compared to most leading companies and have already passed up many of them. How do we do it? We have key assets that no other clan has. Things like a team of hard working admins, who meet offline and discuss company goals. We also have tools to help members monitor their weekly hours and compare relevant stats to see where they stand. This is also how we fine tune our Clan! We have members who issue out direction on goals, achievements, commendations, focus etc. Currently, one of the goals is to achieve the Achilles Helm! Our forums also have pages of useful discussion to increase your skill set and knowledge base. Our admins are amazing at recruiting Qualified Spartans and we can teach you this skill if you want to further yourself with us to become something more! This is a mature team of guys (and girls!) that run analytics, strive for success, create good culture and encourage good games! We want to make Halo 5 a fun gaming experience! Enough talk, join Game Tactrix!!!

Game Tactrix the company was originated by two cousins, VV0NDERBOY and BabyMaker009. GT also has a YouTube Channel! We review Halo games, make montages and like to post informative videos! Essentially we coined the term 'Tactrix' because we liked how it sounded; a mix of tactics and tricks. Halo's roots have brought success because of its depth of gameplay and strategy, and we want to celebrate that! You might be interested to know that VV0NDERBOY isn't the biggest fan of Halo 5 compared to previous Halos, as you will find in his review videos, but he still likes playing Halo nonetheless, especially with friends! BabyMaker009 says it's his favorite Halo to date!

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Game Tactrix

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